The Parable of the Coffee Bottle………..

Family having coffee and cake together | Premium Photo

A young couple had neighbours who were senior citizens, the husband was around 80 years old, and the wife about 5 years younger to him.  The young couple were very fond of them and made it a point to visit them and have coffee with them every Sunday and have a little chat with them.

They observed that the old lady would bring the coffee bottle to her husband to be opened, every time she went to make coffee.  The thoughtful young man gifted the lady a gadget, without her husband’s knowledge, to easily open the bottle, and showed her how to use it. 

On their next visit, the old lady once again brought the bottle for her husband to open.  The young couple were amazed. Had she forgotten about the gadget?  They both looked at each other a little surprised.  When the opportunity arose to be alone with the old lady, they quizzed her about this.  Her reply made both of them speechless.

She said, “Oh, dearies, I can surely open the bottle myself, even without your gadget that you have so kindly gifted me. But I get my husband to open it so he feels he is still stronger than I am and thus he feels he is the man of our home, that he remains useful to me as always, that I still depend on him, that togetherness is the main ingredient of any marriage.  You see we do not have many more years of life in us, and togetherness is of utmost importance for both of us.  We value our companionship a lot and feel nice and happy to be sharing things together.”

This clearly showed the young couple to never underestimate the wisdom of the elderly.  Our parents/grandparents may not be bringing in money any longer, but their guidance alone is priceless.  They have taught us what it is to be humane, loving and kind to one and all.  You may have a fruitless tree in your garden, but at least it gives you shade, you will not cut it off, now, will you?  Looking after the elderly and infirm should be looked upon as a blessing.

57 thoughts on “The Parable of the Coffee Bottle………..

    1. Yes so true Amira and we all need to appreciate our elderly people and honor their wisdom to meet over life and it’s challenges. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Much love and light to you. Take care 💖💖💖💖💖💓💓💓💓

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  1. Elders have so much wisdom to impart if we only allow them to share it. I loved this story, Kamal. There have been times I have given my husband a jar to open saying “your hands are so much stronger then mine”. (smile) Bless you on this Sunday!! xo

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  2. such a timely and wise story Kamal … we have heard horror stories here of how our elderly, and especially those incarcerated in nursing homes, have been woefully neglected during this pandemic!

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  3. Wonderful story, Kamal, much to learn from this wise wife. I believe that we have to pay much more respect to elderly , they may suffer from different incapabilities , yet they are able to do many more things as we think. And to give them that freedom to do what they are capable off will add to their happiness. You we all get there to at some point. Thank you dear friend for sharing this story, have a great inspirational week.

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