Magical Moments…….

Cute little girl watching butterflies fly around a flower field. | Children  photography, Beautiful children, Cute kids

Once I see the magical moments

In the tiny blue flowers

In the daffodils dancing gaily

I feel like cupping them in my tender hands

They seem to be winking at me

And calling me ever gently

“Come my Friend into our fold”

The forest too is leafy and mystical

Tiny Fairies in their pretty pinks

Sashing and flitting from tree to tree

Unfurling petals of loveliness

With their charming hearts

Birds singing sweet songs of melody

Only love can bring joy, cheerfulness

On each and every beautiful lip

Being present is the only way

To live these truly magical moments

The path is soothing under my foot

And I am enjoying it to the fullest……..

66 thoughts on “Magical Moments…….

  1. This is the perfect headline.
    Your words truly are ‘magical moments’ Boundlessblessing
    I always have to read your words at least twice, to sink these moments in… sigh


  2. My dear friend Kamal

    Indeed, there are moments in which we can feel very special things, creation becomes aware to us with its beautiful enrichment to give life and consciousness to us. These are the small things from which we feel thankfulness and happiness. Our appreciation goes along with these small things discovered. We feel connected to them, in a charming way, even as part of it as harmony and a symphony of the Oneness, of universal unity. We feel that we are not separated but one with them, with these moments allowing us to be one. Caring for these special moments will widen our spiritual horizon…

    Sorry, dear Kamal, I could not write earlier today – I had a really stressful day.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend
    Warm regards


    1. Oh please do not feel bad it is completely okay. Your comments and feedback are so precious and motivating to me, Didi. Yes caring for each and every special moments will surely widen our spiritual horizons. Warm regards to you too. Love and light 🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊😊😊

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