When you open your Wings to fly……….

Pin on Motivational Quotes

When you open your wings to fly

You must fly straight like the swan

Do not flit from tree to tree

Like the sweet sparrow

Or many things will distract you on the way

And the journey is long and tedious

We are all parts of the Ocean

We are as it were, the drops

The waves, the streams, the rivers

All part and parcel of the Shoreless Ocean

Let us all Remember Him

In every little thing that we do

Keep him constantly present within us

And fly straight into His embrace

He is waiting with open arms

A happy smile on his sparkling face

A twinkle in his alluring eyes

“Come my child”, He says

“In my abode called LOVE”

77 thoughts on “When you open your Wings to fly……….

  1. Superbly written poem Kamal dear friend. Glory be to Him.. HIS mercy surrounds us everywhere.. Keep writing dear friend.. Your messages are great. 😊💚💮🌼☘️☘️☘️☘️


  2. Greatly penned, dear Kamal 🙂

    Yes, with Surat, the attention, we can focus on our goal, without being distracted. Our Father is waiting for us, already for so long, to find Him, we have first to find us, detach us from ourselves to be so empty that He can take a seat in us.

    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend 🙂
    Hugs and love


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