Love is actually a name for “Care”

Taking care is "Love". T... | Quotes & Writings by Archana Karthikeyan |  YourQuote

Love is when you send a small message to your friends to make them smile.

Love is when you send flowers to a friend who has fallen sick to cheer them up.

Love is when you take time out for the little things that brings joyfulness and merriment along the way.

Love is hugging your sweet little children and nurturing them with love and care.

Love is when someone cares enough for you sending warm greetings, little gifts that you like and making your dimple cheeks blush like fresh dewdrops.

Love is when a young boy sends a kiss that travels in the blues skies to his lover who is far away and plants right on her lips.

Love is laughing at silly jokes, hugging your cute little puppy. Most of your day sails smoothly by.

Love is sharing and caring for each other, giving and receiving and seeing happiness all around.


89 thoughts on “Love is actually a name for “Care”

    1. So true, Deeksha and we all need all this love in every form right now. My husband too has become a little depressed because of his two operations. Let us all pray that God saves all of us and cures our world from this virus as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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      1. I can understand Kamal. When we are not well, visitors from the neighborhood, friends all make a lot of difference to keep our spirits high. At least their visit is a good change in monotonous daily schedule. All is restricted now. I really wish for your husband’s speedy recovery. By God’s grace everything will be fine .You too take care of yourself very well Kamal.


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