Rain is here to Stay…….

When it rains... and you don't get wet!

It’s that time of the year

When rains bring forth

A song, a sonata in every beautiful heart

A twinky smile on pinky lips

Cool breeze a welcome change

From the prickly grumpy heat

Of the scorching rays of the sun

Thundering Clouds are happy and gay

Pouring heavy rains on parched Earth

Little kids playing in the puddles

Splashing to heavens glory

A time to enjoy, a time to let go

Getting wet a feeling of joyous surrender

Colourful umbrellas out in the open

Gumboots and raincoats doing the show

One wishes to serenade with the birds

Singing sweet songs of melodies

Lush green trees swaying to a rhythm

Radiance and abundance everywhere

Love is surely in the air

Cause rain is here to stay………..

61 thoughts on “Rain is here to Stay…….

  1. Love is surely in the air
    Because rain is here to stay..

    Beautiful verses kamal.

    Who wouldn’t love these rains that usher in the green and peaceful breeze.. cool the hearts.. cleanse the soul..

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    1. Thank you dear Bella. So nice to hear from you and was missing you at my blog from a long time. Hubby had to go for another operation and it was hip replacement and of course he is in pain but this time a little better. Today went to remove his stitches. Life goes on and hope all goes well with him.


      1. Thanks Bella and yes I too become so tired but pull along and everyday I sit for an hour on my blogging feels nice to be with all our blogging friends. I like listening to Sadguru of Isha foundation. His talks are quite interesting too. That is how the day goes Bella. The blip will go away just do not allow it to take over. Be positive and think that you are joyous and blissful as this is your true nature. Take care dear.

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  2. A gorgeous poem Kamal dear friend. Seems like a colorful pretty painting which is vivid and Full of life and joy. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and well. πŸ’žπŸ˜ŠπŸ’šβ˜˜οΈ

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