When to be Silent…….

Know When to be Silent - Wildflowers & Tumbleweeds

Be silent, when you don’t have all the facts about anyone you come across. Why hurt someone and ruin them for their entire life.

Be silent, if you can’t say it without screaming and being rude. The other person will not want to listen to you. In the end it will hurt you only.

Be silent, if your words convey the wrong impression. Sometimes people think you are giving them wrong advice even if you are not.

Be silent, in the heat of anger and jealousy. If both talk in a fit of anger than nothing will work. The situation will become more worse than before.

Be silent, if your words could damage a friendship that had lasted for many years. Just let it go and cool down as things will work out in the end.

Be silent, if you would be ashamed of your words later on. Calm down, go and reflect on your words or go for a long walk with beauty surrounding everywhere.

Be silent, when it is time to listen to someone.  Do not interrupt in between but give your complete attention to what the other person has to say. Once he completes his talk then you can say what you need to.

A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words. Let go of things that are not wanted in life and embrace the Soul’s silence.

One of the best lessons you can learn in life is mastering how to remain calm and composed and in silence the fragrances of flowers spreads in the direction of the wind that sits still in her heart’s silence…………….                                

114 thoughts on “When to be Silent…….

      1. Thanks Nathi that would be awesome. If you have Amazon Kindle you can download the book by paying say Rs.209.00. Actually I am a little tied up so am not being able to take up your offer. My husband has just had an operation so have become very busy. Take care and stay safe.

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      2. Sure! I’ll check it out, Kamal!
        What offer? You mean the blog series?

        And hope your husband gets well soon! You too, take care and stay safe!


      3. No no my Poetry book known as Poet’s Touch is available on Amazon Kindle as an ebook for Rs.209 if anyone wishes to download the book because they will only allow you to read only. There is no blog series, Nathi. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.

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  1. I guess I had written comment here Kamal. But that’s ok…
    Once again your post is full of wise words!! Taking the right decision on right time as when to speak and when to be quite is quite challenging.
    But still speech is silver and silence is gold!!

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  2. Dear Kamal, these are beautiful words of advice indeed. They made me think of something I heard a while ago – to ask oneself before speaking “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” The power of words, or indeed silence, can never be underestimated. Thank you so much for sharing your uplifting wisdom with us! 💕💕

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    1. You are always welcome dear Maria and I completely agree with your valuable feedback. It is not necessary to speak unnecessary only when it is really important it is nice to talk. That is the wise do not talk but only when spoken to. Much love and light to you dear.

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  3. Kamal, beautiful reflections on silence and many should learn to practice this skill. As you write, rash words cause much pain and harm. As young I could be silent in most situations but not if someone was absolutely wrong about something – then I would speak up. Once this ruined a great friendship for over a year between my friends and I – and it was never fully repaired again, alas.

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    1. Yes I completely agree with you Annika. At times it can break up friendships that can never patch up even though you want to. Nice to be silent at such times and then all will be good after sometime. Our rash words cause much pain and harm to everyone. Thank you so much Annika for your kind words.

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      1. Not only rash words, though I would argue. For some the truth is unpalatable and this can cause a rift.

        Hope you’re keeping safe and well during these unprecedented and frightening times.


  4. “A meaningful silence is always better than meaningless words. Let go of things that are not wanted in life and embrace the Soul’s silence.” Such a powerful message dear Kamal, something that we all tend o forget nowadays when all we think is of getting our own voice heard… How much more enriching it is to “listen”, and if we all did that, and learn the lost art of communication, we would not have wars… 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes Amira if we listened to our Soul and embraced her our world would be a better place to live with love and light. But at the illusion level we have maya playing an intense game and that is why all this selfishness in men. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Much love and light to you dear Amira🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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