A Best form of Charity……..

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There is a Restaurant in Norway that has come out with a selfless act of charity and kindness for all the needy people of their country:

Do you know what is “Suspended Coffee” or “Suspended Meal”? Let me tell you what this is:

A woman went to this restaurant and when giving money at the counter tells the billing person: “Five coffees, two suspended”. She then gave money for five coffees and carried three cups of coffee with her to the table.  Another person came and ordered: “Ten coffees, five suspended.” He too paid for ten and grabbed five coffees.” After that another woman came and ordered: “Five meals, two suspended” She then paid for five meals and took three lunch packets with her.”

An old man with shabby and dirty clothes then entered the restaurant, came to the counter and said in a quiet voice, “Any, suspended coffee?”  He asked.  The woman at the counter said, “Yes,” and served a cup of hot coffee.  Soon another bearded man came in and asked, “any suspended meals?” The man at the counter gave a parcel of hot rice and curry and a bottle of water.

In this way, this generous restaurant catered to so many destitute people who were so satisfied and happy with this act of kindness.  They need not go hungry and famished.  Helping the unknown and poor even without knowing their face, is the kind of humanity which really is the best form of charity. What is more remarkable is that, this good act has come to a few countries in Europe and is spreading throughout the world.

We have millions of hungry people in our World. It is so difficult to even get one square meal to eat in a day and so many go to sleep with just plain glasses of water.  It would be so nice if there are restaurants that cater to such acts of kindness and generosity instead of throwing away tons and tons of food that is cooked in surplus.  Food is meant for each and every human being on this Planet.  Let us all learn to eat sparingly and not lavishly and not waste at all.


145 thoughts on “A Best form of Charity……..

  1. This is absolutely golden. I would love to know how this restaurant started this worthy cause. I mean, was it started by their kind clients? And how do the hungry know come to this particular restaurant? It is something I would love to do at my local cafe. Thank you so much for sharing an uplifting post.

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    1. You could really do this beautiful type of charity if you have a restaurant. I tell you once you put this positive act of charity out in the open everything will work out and you will be able to feed so many hungry souls. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, Angela. I do not know this restaurant in Norway cause I stay in India but I came across this beautiful story and kept it on my blog. Love and light to you dear.

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    2. in Australia we have had suspended coffees for at least seven years that I know of … many cafes do it and so people can ask at random. The cafe never loses out having so much prepaid!

      Not heard of suspended meals here …

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  2. here the charities that feed the homeless collect tons of food not used by supermarkets and many food outlets + masses of breads from a bakery chain! Nobody should be hungry if the surplus is shared 🙂

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    1. What a wonderful thing to do. I need to do my research, but I haven’t heard suspended in the US. I am going to suggest it to my local cafe, see if it is something they could do.
      Thank you for your response.

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      1. you’re most welcome, I’ve been in the situation where I’ve been most grateful to be on the receiving end of such generosity, it meant the world to me as it felt like so much more than just a hot coffee ❤

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    1. Thank you so much dear Cornelia for your encouraging words. I totally agree with you even in India we have not come across such restaurants but there are many who give the needy left over food in the afternoon as well as nights. There are lines of poor people even we can give say around 500 that can feed three people. Let us all do out bit in society and help how much we can. Happy Sunday to you too dear ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Ok but just asking a question is babaji still alive. I have read three books of that Muslim man I forgot his name who in his past lives was given Hindu names by babaji and he has written a lot about him in his two books. He is from the north. Now he teaches yoga have you read his books

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  3. What a coincidence. I got message from a cousin to check if this is correct just a day ago 🙂
    Social media is a funny thing.
    It was called “kafe på vent” (coffee on hold ) and was initiated in 2013 in Oslo. And yes Norwegians are really kind people and they supported the idea but the interesting part is people paid for 129 extra coffees of which only 3 were taken.

    Anyways its a wonderful idea.

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    1. Yes it sure is a wonderful idea though who knows what must be really going on, Rupali. I got this lovely story on charity and thought of sharing on my blog. Yes Norway is a very nice place and its people too are very selfless and helpful. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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  4. Oh Wow, Kamal. I teared up reading this post. If this idea needs to go viral because there are so many right now hungry and scared. What a glorious world we can create just by doing a simple act of charity. How beautiful!! xo

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    1. Yes absolutely true I completely agree with your valuable words Amy. Our world would definitely be a glorious place to live with no one going hungry. A simple act of charity goes a long way. Thanks so much 😊😊😊😊😊 have a wonderful day 🌞🌞🌞🌞

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  5. God bless you Kamal.If all restaurants applies such charity ideas..there will be no hungry people on our planet.When we give we set free all the passive power within and receive joy and happiness instead.
    Keep giving dear friend. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


  6. Ohhhhh my Kamal…this is yet another heartwarming story we all need to read…
    If we can all be like the restaurant owner…feed the hungry and help the needy without the need for recognition…if only then no man will be hungry❤❤❤


  7. Wonderful inspirational story dear Kamal! As you said this practice has been spreading through many countries in Europe and other part os the world. I had hear a few years back of a coffee place in Italy, and what a wonderful idea, both for the restaurant and for their customers to give and share! So much food gets wasted otherwise as they cannot sell old food the next day! A wonderful example of how we can all do our part to make a difference!


    1. Yes Amira I completely agree with your valuable feedback. Good to know many restaurants have started this act of charity and to see that no one goes hungry and that is such a wonderful gesture. Yes food is wasted and thrown away like mad. In India too many cater to these poor people. We have so many in millions on the road who go hungry everyday.


  8. I absolutely love this idea. Bon Jovi has a similar restaurant (though I”m not sure what state) People pay what they can for a meal..if they can’t pay, they don’t. No one knows who pays and who doesn’t. It’s great. 😉


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