An Extra Second of thinking can change our life forever…

Change your life by changing your thoughts. | Quotes inspirational ...

On a Sunday afternoon a family gathered over the lunch table to have their favourite biryani (an Indian rice dish).  Wife was serving the food to both her son and her husband. After the food was served, husband tasted the biryani along with Raita (a dish made of curd which is good to eat with Biryani) and started yelling at his wife for adding more salt to the Raita. 

She opened the refrigerator and added some curd to it, and she served it again after tasting it to her husband and son. The curd then tasted very nice. Her husband said in a disgusting tone, “You should have done it properly and checked it before serving it to us, because of the extra salt, you have spoilt my mood of eating biryani.”  He then got up in a temper and went away to his room least bothered how she was feeling from all this.

After some time, the son and the father completed their lunch and the wife served herself and completed her lunch alone. While she was washing the vessels, the son came to meet her and he saw his mother with bitter tears in her eyes. When he inquired why she was crying, she just wiped her tears and said “nothing” and he quietly went away.

After some years, son was married and his mother lived along with him since his father was no more.  On one Sunday afternoon, he was helping his wife in placing the dishes on the table and his daughter started serving biryani to her grandmother, and she also served her some Raita too. Then they all sat to eat.  While he started eating the biryani with Raita, he felt it was salty, he immediately got up from his chair and picked up the curd bowl from the refrigerator and added some curd to the Raita and told his wife, “Biryani is yummy and awesome.”

His wife who was observing him asked why he added some extra curd to raita, he looked at his mother and said, “my mother knows the pain of extra salt in raita”.  His wife was totally confused and said, “I did not understand what you said right now.”  He then smiled and said very nicely, “Raita was salty, so I added some extra curd so that you will not feel it salty.” She said, “I am sorry about it.” 

He then said, “If my father could have added extra curd to the Raita, my mother would have not had tears in her eyes for the rest of her life.”  He further said, “If he could have taken extra care and attention towards my mother, she would have not had the additional burden that she carried in her heart.  If he could have gone an extra mile in loving our family, we would have gone an extra mile in being peaceful and happy as a loving family.”

Every one of us make mistakes in one way or another in our life, but the greatest mistake is fighting and yelling over the mistakes that was already made.  Ask yourself, “Did you reach over the extra salt in the raita or did you respond by adding extra curd to it and solving the problem amicably.” 

Life becomes sweeter when we understand the power of adding some empathy, care, kindness and forgiveness first with the ones that matter most and are dearest to us. An extra second of thinking can change our life forever.

71 thoughts on “An Extra Second of thinking can change our life forever…

    1. Yes Radhika and we all have to be sensitive towards what others are going through in their lives and just a little extra effort from our part can surely make our life pleasant. Thank you so much for your valuable words.


    1. Thank you dear Curious for your kind words and let us all learn not to hurt or judge anyone in our family or friends or anyone we meet. Our thoughts need to change for us to live a better life. Much love and light to you dear.


  1. Another beautiful and inspirational story dear Kamal! How true! What a difference it makes to show kindness and empathy… If we all did that, our world would be a different place, it would be heavenly! Have a blessed week-end! 🙂 ❤


  2. Kamal, what a truly heart touching story, one that many of us would be wise to incorporate into our lives. How many times are we thoughtlessly hurtful towards another when our hearts are ripe with anger? When our hearts smile blissfully with love, we share that love with everyone. Thank you for sharing this story.

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  3. I loved this story, we can all definitely choose to reach for the curd…..
    How sad is it that someones thoughtless behavior can burden another’s heart for life. If we think of it in that way, I am sure none of us would want to burden anyone else’s heart. Thank you!

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    1. Yes Michelle I completely agree with your valuable feedback and yes why must it hurt so much. It is okay to make mistakes but between husband and wife at times this happens and then the wife gets hurt so much and carries the burden throughout her life. You are welcome.


  4. Great story Kamal dear friend. When love is there.. Forgiveness will be there.. Giving excuses to the mistakes of the people we love.. Ignoring their defectd and paying attention only to their merits. 🌼🌸💯


  5. 💕💕💕
    Reminds me of a story.
    A woman wrote how she found a child on the beach so stayed with her until the mother came. The mother yelled that the child shouldn’t have run off. The woman said she saw how the child had needed a hug after being lost. Now, her own daughter is constantly complaining. She constantly sees the lost little girl as a reminder that her daughter just wants love and attention however bratty she may act. To act with love and care.

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    1. So true and you know Eliza we all need love and care and nowadays you can see the lack of it in everyone not only husband and wife, but mother and her children, father and his children, between brothers and sisters too. A little love and hugs go a long way to show your kindness and compassion. Thanks for your valuable feedback.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  6. Oh my dear Kamal..i had tears in my eyes and i dont even know where to start and how say what i wanted to say.

    If we truly just save a little compassion then maybe, just maybe it would have been better.

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    1. Yes Mich if we all could show a little love and compassion with each and everyone then life would be so better. But nice of the son not to behave badly with his wife as he had seen his mother crying her whole life. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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  7. If my father would say something like that to my mother, I would definitely fight with him 🙂
    kidding aside, some people don’t have the respect for others even to their own family. Let’s spread the love 🙂

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    1. Yes Meenakshi I completely agree with you, we are losing our happiness by being rude and showing hatred in our own family. But the son took it so nicely and did not behave badly with his wife. Thank you for your valuable words.


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