Happy Father’s Day………

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To our most beloved Father

I bow down to you

You have been a great support to Mom

You have been a pillar of strength

Without you a Family is never complete

You have always been present

From day one in our lives

Worked silently and tirelessly

Have taken care of us in your own ways  

No matter what we do

Or how mischievous we are

You have with immense patience

Loved us equally just like our Mother

With mom busy taking care of the house

You have driven us to school

Played childlike games with enthusiasm

And taught us to be good children

Shared in our little secrets,

Cried and laughed with us

Dear Adorable Dad, we all Love you

From the Bottom of our Hearts




87 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day………

  1. My dear friend Kamal,

    In our lives we wear the dress of a male or female body and run playing roles as a child, as an adult, often as father or mother, grandfather or grandmother and all combinations in-between. Finally, we have to find our what role do we have to play. When husband and wife come together, it not just the only way to set children into the world, but to help each other on the path going Home. One of the duties is to convey to the children to lead an ethic and well-moral life and with high ideals (not necessarily to be the best in school, to earn much much money, to aquire a title or the like), but to give love and teach them that we are all one, that no-one should be excluded from being loved that we all are brothers and sisters in Him. Love and attention given to the child will make the child grow in its heart and understanding.

    You expressed your feelings towards your father in thankfulness, because you he has showered you with love and compassion all over the years, from the baby up to now in your beautiful poem – your love to him is now the reflection of it.

    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much my dearest friend, Didi for such beautiful and profound feedback. Father in any form being human or in God form is showing love that is beyond our reach. He surely completes a family and giving love and attention will surely complete a child and grow understanding the proper way of life. Love and Light to you dear. Stay safe.

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  2. This is such a sweet tribute & way to give thanks 🌹 Happy Father’s Day to him, and to my dad too; I’m very close to both of my parents & I’m very lucky to have them in my life as well.xxxx


    1. So nice to hear that. I have lost both my parents but it doesn’t matter every father has this loving kindness towards his children. Thanks for your kind words ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️


    2. Kamal, you are a wonderful person. Always bubbling with so much positivity. I don’t think anyone can express the feelings for fathers with so much simplicity and gracefully.
      Wishing you too a very happy fathers day!


      1. I am so grateful to hear these pleasant words, Deeksha. Father too plays such a great role with our Mom so just impromptu these words just flowed and even I felt nice once I had completed the poem. Let us all respect each and every father and God who is our most important Father and Mother put together. Thank you so much. Actually my own father has died many years back but remembered him and that is the poem.

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      2. Mothers bring affection and hidden strength and fathers carry strength and hidden affection. I can understand your feelings Kamal. You have remembered him and shared those beautiful feelings with us.Thank you very much!


    1. Thank you so much dear Brigid. All good he is improving with the help of the physio and yes our daughter gave him a surprise and brought for him cup cakes and then we all ordered pizzas and my husband felt so nice. He really enjoyed his father’s day.

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