Kite Flying…….

Kite flying - Art Print – Ru&Chai

An important life lesson to be learnt from Kite Flying:

During the season of kite flying that usually takes place in the beginning of the year, a Mother was flying a kite with her son and daughter on the terrace of their bungalow.  Her son who was yet small was watching her carefully.  After sometime son said, “Mom because of the string that you are holding, the kite is not able to go higher and higher.”  Hearing this, the mother smiles and breaks the string.  As soon as she breaks the string, the kite goes higher and higher, then shortly after that it comes and falls on the ground.  The child is very dejected and sad. He feels why did his mother have to do this and goes and sits in a corner.

The mother then goes and sits next to him and calmly explains in her composed voice, “Son, in life we reach a certain level and then we feel that there are quite a number of things that are not letting us grow any further like home, family, culture etc.  We feel we want to be free from those strings which we believe are stopping us from going higher.  But, remember son, ‘That our home, family and culture are the real things that will help us stay stable at the higher heights too. If we try to break away from those strings our condition will be similar to the kite and we’ll fall down soon.

Never turn your back from relationships as they help keep us stable while we are flying too high.  We must come back to reality.  Life is a beautiful journey. Stay connected.  Stay Strong.  Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live in the best way we can.  There is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments.

Stay safe. All will be good and what has come will soon pass. Let us all pray that our beautiful World blossoms with Love and Joy.

86 thoughts on “Kite Flying…….

    1. Yes Mich I completely agree with your valuable feedback. In life we must know who are important for us and take their hand when we are flying higher and higher too. We need to be grounded. Thank you so much. You too stay safe and take care.

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  1. That is a profound story! Indeed it is our roots that propelled us higher and higher and cutting it off would mean sudden fall. Gratefulness in important and what keeps us soaring.

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  2. Amen to that ..Great moral Kamal dear friend..we have to be always in touch with our roots..A strong tree can’t stand up without its strong deep roots..they are the guide for a healthy life..may Allah protect our planet and grant us peace and healing..
    Keep writing my dear friend 🌹😊

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    1. Amen to your valuable feedback, Sohair and may Allah bless us and protect our planet but we like the kite need not soar higher and higher in our egos but learn a lesson from what is happening in our world at this time. Stay safe. God bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏


    1. Thank you for your valuable feedback Deepika. I completely agree with you we all need to be grounded and not show off as we try to fly high or we will surely fall. Stay safe and yes all good. Take care 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊😊😊


    1. Actually it is a great story from a Kite that shows us we can rise higher and higher in life but at any moment we can fall too if we do not know how to be humble and not be showing off with our inflated egos. Thank you so much Robbie for your kind words.


    1. Happens at times with almost everyone I suppose Brad. Our egos rise higher and higher and we do not know how to be grounded. This story tells us how to listen to everyone around us and to stay compassionate and learn to mend. Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. Stay safe and take care dear friend. God bless.


    1. Yes Wilma I completely agree with your valuable words. Our world will bounce back in a few days I am sure if we keep up our positivity and do not soar to heights with egoistic ideas and selfishness. You too stay well dear friend. Love and light to you.

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  3. So true and beautiful message shared with the help of story. Realtions that are worth moving together should always be given consideration. Showing back to the loved ones and to your culture who once helped you to stand and grow in life, will only give you loneliness even if you don’t fall immediately.


    1. Thank you so much for your valuable words dear Tanvir. I completely agree with you totally relations are worthy of being together must surely be given all consideration. Like the kite flying higher and higher we have to come down with our egos on the ground one day or the other. Hope all good with you, stay safe dear.


  4. Oh wow, Kamal, I’m speechless. This post is absolutely heart-stirring. What a bright and shining example you are in a world that longs for the light. Keep on shining and writing these beautiful stories. You are such a Blessing!! Thank you! xo


    1. You are always welcome dear Brigid. I completely agree with your words. Hope we could all learn a lesson from a Kite that tells us how to rise higher and higher but at the same time be grounded. Stay safe and hope all is good with you Brigid.

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