There is always a Sunshine after the Stormy Rain………

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Whatever your ailments

Whatever your pain

There is always a beautiful sunshine

After the stormy rain

Perhaps you may stumble

Perhaps you may even fail

But God is always ready

To answer your ardent call

He knows every heartache

He sees every tear that falls

But a Kind word from his lips

Can calm every fear that comes your way

Your sorrows may linger

Through the dark sleepless night

But it can suddenly vanish

In dawn’s early magical light

He sends down his angels

To shower you with His Love and Grace

Do not Worry, Be always Happy

Leave everything to Me, He says

Rejoice in my Joyousness

All is a short-lived Phase

There is always a Sunshine

Β After the stormy Rain…………………………..

86 thoughts on “There is always a Sunshine after the Stormy Rain………

  1. powerful and so optimistic Kamal..great piece of art..we need this panic spread everywhere..
    Keep the good work dear friend πŸŒΉπŸ™βš˜

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      1. Oh great to know you too are writing a book. It will be very nice. I am good could sell with God’s grace around 300 copies of my Poetry book and will very soon once all this is over publish my short stories book, Moushmi. Keep up your great writing.

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      2. No Kamal, I finally published it, never realised what and how I was doing it, but I did it. Now, I am still learning the basics of it. But yeah, I guess i am taking baby steps,.


      3. Yes my book ‘Posies’ is available on amazon as an ebook. It is frew with Kindle unlimited. Unfortunatley though the paperbacks aren’t available due to the lockdown. If you do get a chance to read it, I will love to have your review on it.


      4. K thanks Moushmi. I will go and check this link. Even you know link not necessary if I type the name of your book it will immediately come on Amazon that is why you type Poet’s Touch by Kamal Roohani it will immediately come and then you can download the book by paying a small amount of Rs.209. Thanks Moushmi.


      1. I just did a comparison this morning that puts reality into perspective. Total population is 7.8 billion people. Number of coronavirus of people who contracted it is 299,000. No one either is talking about how hundreds of people die a day from the flu. What about cancer? Heart disease? All is scary because this is NEW and because medicine has no solution. We need to stop giving all our power to medicine and begin taking care of ourselves. IMO


      2. Yes I completely agree with your words, Amy. There are many people dying everyday because of cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and our media are making such a hue and cry about COVID-19 and unnecessary creating manic amongst all of us. We need to stop giving all power to negativity and pray to God for the whole World’s well being.

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      3. AGREED! The more of us that feed into the fear the greater and more powerful that fear will become. When we begin to think logically what is being “painted” as a pandemic is nothing more then a “new” virus. That also does not surprise me. Between what agriculture has done and medicine, super bugs are being created. If I can see that, I pray the general public will soon see as well, AND most importantly medicine and agriculture will see so changes can be made. One can HOPE.


      4. One can only HOPE, Amy and I completely agree with your words. Who knows where we all are going. So many new things they are creating which is so bad for all of us. Look at our environment. Here in India they just keep on randomly cutting trees for urbanization and years old trees are just cut ruthlessly.

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      5. Kamal, I feel your pain. I’m praying that this catastrophe stops the greed that has been killing our planet. The more mankind hurts this Earth, the more Nature will fight back. And you know how that story goes. Mankind will not win. We who will not loose hope, however, see this “storm” as the one that will blow away the chokehold of greed. HUGS!


    1. Welcome dear Robbie and I found it so nice to write at times when we are all going thru this COVID-19 virus. There will always be sunshine after a storm. Hope we all stay together and give our world positive vibes and thank God every moment.


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