Love Is………….

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Love is……….

A new born baby, a bundle of joy

In the arms of a mother and father

Enveloping them in a circle of love

Bringing boundless petals of delight

Love is……….

Two Souls falling deeply in love

Their heart speaks dearly

Quiet are words, flowing radiance

Happy in being together, wanting nothing

Love is……….

A tender touch, a caress, a hug

When you serve your fellow beings

 Selflessly and with kindness

Giving joy to saddened Souls

Love is……….

A red wave of melodious energy

In the sacred space of life

A source of strength and inspiration

Riding the waves of unimaginable Bliss

Love is……….


The Lover who loves His Silence

Silently adores Him in His Silence

Silent are the words of His Silence

Love is……….

The language of the Heart

It is the song of Love

For the Beloved

Who is the Ocean of Infinite Love

139 thoughts on “Love Is………….

      1. You are very welcome, Kamal. 🙂

        May you have a lovely March and a wonderful springtime!

        It is not quite April yet, but since your current post is all about Love, I am sending you the blessings of April Love with my special post at

        I shall also hyperlink your current post with mine later, when I have more time to do so.

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      2. Oh this is lovely and thank you so much dear friend for your reblog. You too have a lovely March month with the coming of spring. Will definitely go and have a look at your blog. Have a great day. Love and light to you.

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      3. Dear Kamal,

        Thank you for visiting and commenting on my post entitled “🦅 SoundEagle in April Love and Dove, Art and Heart, Game and Puzzle, Music and Video 🕊💌💘”. I love your delightful comment and have since reply to you with a highly bespoke comment, the format and styling of which can only be shown in full when you visit the said post, as WordPress reader does not handle advanced styling.

        In addition, I have added about six more videos for your enjoyment. 🙂

        May you have a very lovely weekend!


      1. All good Tanvir what about you? Am keeping myself busy after retirement, doing yoga, taking dancing classes, taking an hour walk and visit my grandson and help my daughter in raising him. He is such a darling Tanvir and very mischievous. What about you. How are you dear.

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    1. No not at all, he or she will be having love in them but this kind of heartlessness is also a kind of love. Love is like a snowflake and of course different for every person. Thanks for your valuable words, Wayne 😊😊😊😊


  1. This is so beautiful! I can see you are such a creative writer, maybe you want to visit my blog about inspiring coffee shops and how coffee influence in the creative process. In case you want to visit it:

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  2. Thank you, my dear friend Kamal 🙂

    Love is like the sun: it shines for everyone without asking if the person is good or bad – this unconditional love: love that only gives, gives, gives, love, where no-one is excluded, love, to see us all united, as One. Love, not to see the mistakes of others, but the beauty and uniqueness in each of us as tiny wheel in the vast machinery of God. Love, that is our real essence, beyond intellect, mind, feelings – of the same essence as that of God.

    All the best, my friend and a happy Easter time to you and yours
    Take care, my friend 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your valuable feedback dear Didi and I agree totally with your words. There is nothing but Love in this world because God has made this world from his Love so there can be nothing but Love. Hope all is good with you and stay safe and take utmost care. Happy Easter. Love and light 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😊😊😊😊

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      1. Thanks, dear Kamal 🙂

        Yes, the essence of us all is love indeed, but we must wake up from our illusion in which we live, in which our ego and mind controls us. So there are two things at the same time: the sun and the reflection of the sun – and we with our sense organs perceive just the reflection, not the real sunlight as we look to the moon, it has not light from its own, but is a reflection from the sun. We all live in a deep dream, Maya and as such we also treat us all, instead of treating us all with love and light – time to wake up with the help of God…
        Happy Easter to you and yours, my dear friend 🙂


      2. Yes we are all living a little of illusion and this is just a cloak that we wear everytime we come in a body either male or female. After eons maybe with his divine light and grace will realise our true nature and then our egos will shed and we will be in tune with what he has to say. Time to wake up with God. Thanks once again for these profound words Didi. Stay safe 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      3. My dear Kamal,

        Indeed, we are millions of ages, age upon age on our way in these three worlds (pyhsical, astral and causal including super-causal plane) – and according we have lived our life, we return, as an animal, or plant, or insect etc. and in a golden opportunity as man – only in this body of a man we can go back to real home by the grace of God who comes on earth manifestated in the flesh of a man, a competent Master. All depends on cause and effect, what we saw, we have to reap – the karmic reactions – and if our thoughts contain bad things then we have to bear the reaction of it sooner or later. Good things come back with good things and bad things return with bad things – the cosmic law – but golden chains or iron chains – they remain chains and do not bring us out of the wheel of coming and going – when we start to have real yearning for God, God will make arrangements to guide us and connect us to those who have overcome ego and mind – unless we do not know ourselves, we remain unconscious.

        May God help us to overcome ego and mind, the negative power in us that binds us again and again that some day we may reach our real home.

        From heart to heart
        Keep on staying healthy and safe, dear friend 🙂


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