The Strongest Muscle in our Body……….

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One of our bodies strongest muscle; if used thoughtlessly, can create a huge struggle in our lives. Biceps nor triceps; it’s our Tongues that can hurt or make amends.

Words are very powerful. They can cut through our hearts and lungs. Remember, you may be great at eloquence and persuasiveness; but pause, think, speak, should be the sequence before you utter anything that comes to your tongue.

Do not hurt another person, even if they have caused a grave upheaval in your life. Before you open your mouth to give him or her your choicest outbursts, just silence your mind and think whether it will serve any good to anyone.

Let not anger, pride or ego take over your senses. The consequences are very dangerous. It can harm you for life and you can lose your family and friends forever.  The key is to learn to forgive and not carry any guilt whatsoever.

It’s of utmost importance to use this muscle of our body, but one must use it with great care. Once your words are said, you can never take them back because they are like a bullet that you can compare them with.

Expand Love. Make watering your seeds of Happiness a daily practice. Feel a peaceful joy inside, your words will then only Reflect Love. The Universe is taking care of everything that is there.

71 thoughts on “The Strongest Muscle in our Body……….

  1. So important what you mentioned here Kamal..some people think that they are strong because they can hurt people with bad words and bad implications..they do not know that they are so weak..the tongue is created for a noble purpose..we will be asked for every word we say..
    Tongue is created to build and not to destroy..Have a great Wednesday Kamal🙏⚘⚘

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  2. Indeed – the power of life & death truly are in the tongue. What we speak, we create. Our words hold more power than we could ever imagine. When the reality we are living in is one we don’t like and don’t recognize – it might be wise to see what we’ve been believing & speaking.

    Just like you said, we can’t take back our words once they’ve been spoken. To be honest and speak our feelings is okay when done in the right way. But as you brilliantly pointed out – our words become the bullets that can always be used against us in many situations if we’ve used our words for harm. It’s very difficult to undo ‘stupid.’ Speaking with grace and love, even when hurt, or simply refraining from speaking until the emotional storm has passed changes a LOT.

    Much love to you, dear one. God bless you for sharing this wonderful truth! ♥

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    1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your valuable feedback, Holly. Our tongue is beautiful but the words that come from our mind makes or mars us and we lose our loved ones for life. We need to be expanding love and happiness to everyone with our loving words. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. Great post and a great reminder to use our words wisely and with kindness. One of my favourite sayings is “If your words were tattooed on your skin, would you be beautiful?” Makes you think…….

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  4. I totally agree with you Kamal. It has been said many times that words cut deeper than wounds yet for many times we all seemed to neglect that and for many times too, relationships have been destroyed and broken because of the words we utter.

    If only we can be more mindful of what we say..


  5. My dear Kamal

    Thanks for sharing this wisdom 🙂

    Indeed, wise men advise us to think twice before we release any words that we never can take back. Wrongly words used as well as the wrong intonation, music of the words, focussing on hurting people in rage and anger, coloured by ego and mind – can be like tsunamis: effects, ripples of it can be like huge waves reaching heart and feelings, even after many years. Once the water has run through the bridge, it does not come back to enable new opportunities. Therefore, we should start to control our thoughts, because from good thoughts good words will spring off, good deeds as well. So we have to develop physically, intellectually, and spiritually. There should always be a balance between them. When we really understand the term: Oneness that we all are one in the One, we will surely widen our horizon and give less attention to our ego as the One resides in every heart – then we can start praising and honouring God in each person, even in each animal and plant and wheresoever the life-impulse is available. Then we do not see anymore the evil and bad things in others but the good things and the knowledge by heart and head that there is God in everyone, then we see in each person, a brother and sister in Him…

    Time to be aware of our mind, its thousand tricks, its ego-centered character – time and live and do for others and to live for God in this connection.

    With dirty clothes we cannot enter the kingdom of God…

    So thank you, my dear friend 🙂
    Hugs and love

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    1. Time to be aware today in our times what to say or not to say and not hurt anyone but stop and reflect and then say in a benevolent and nice way. Things can work better and in a humane way. Life is so beautiful but we have made it complicated with our words. The day we all realize that God is in everything and everyone then our world will be a wonderful place to live the way our God wishes. Thanks a trillion dearest friend. Love and light to you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      1. Welcome, dear Kamal 🙂
        A spiritual avalanche, revolution is on its way… Maybe we will not experience that big change anymore – but when our children and grandchildren have the chance to enjoy a better world, then all fights for a better world, are not in vain.
        Much love and many hugs


      2. Yes Didi God knows what he is doing and as he says this whole world is my creation and you and I r not we but one so leave everything to Him. His grace is with all of us. He has created many worlds and destroyed many worlds this is his game of imagination and as he says we r all dreaming have never come and will never come. All an illusion.

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