The Salted Coffee……….

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He met her at a party. She was a gorgeous woman with many men trying to woo her, and he was just an ordinary guy, nobody paid much attention to him.  At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised but being polite, she agreed. They sat in a coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything and she too was uncomfortable, raring to leave.  Suddenly, he asked the waiter, “Would you please give me some salt? I’d like to put it in my coffee.” Everybody stared at him, so strange!  His face too turned red but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it.

She curiously inquired about the salted coffee?”  He replied, “When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea.  I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea, just like the taste of the salted coffee.  Now every time I have the salted coffee, I always think of my childhood, think of my hometown and my parents.

She was deeply touched and she also spoke about her faraway hometown, her childhood and her family.  It was a sweet conversation and also the beautiful beginning of their story.  They continued to date. She found that actually he was a man who meets all her demands; he had tolerance and was kind hearted.  He was a good person and she had almost missed him! Thanks to his salted coffee!

The story was just like every beautiful love story, they married and were living the happy life.  And, every time she made coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee, as she knew that’s the way he liked it. 

After 55 years together, he passed away and left her a note which said, “My dearest, please forgive my whole life’s lie. This was the only lie I said to you, the salted coffee.  Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, actually I wanted some sugar, but I said salt by mistake. It was difficult for me to change so I just went ahead.  I never thought that could be the beginning of our communication.  I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life, but I was too afraid to do so, as I had promised not to lie to you for anything.

Now I’m dying, I am afraid of nothing so I have to tell you the truth, I never like the salted coffee, what a strange bad taste. But I have had salted all my life.  But since I knew you, I never felt sorry for it.  Having you with was my biggest happiness of my life. If I can live for the second time, I would still want to know you and have you for my whole life, even if I have to drink the salted coffee again.  There were tears in her eyes. One day someone asked her, “What’s the taste of salted coffee?” She replied, “Sweet.”

Actually, love is not to forget but to forgive, not to see but understand, not to hear but to listen, never let go of good friends and relationships even though sometimes we have to taste salted coffee!

Relationships are like birds, if you hold tightly, they Die.  If you hold loosely, they Fly.  But if you hold with Care, they remain with you FOREVER.

Let us all pledge to Love and Hold each and every Being in this World with kindness and gratitude all throughout the New Year 2020 that is just upon the Horizon.

80 thoughts on “The Salted Coffee……….

  1. Great moral Kamal..a true beginning of the new value our relationships ..whether love or friendship or whatever is something we need to pay attention to it..
    Keep giving dear friend 🙏⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

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  2. Wow beautifully written and very true dear 😊 We have to cherish those we love and have balance ❤️ It is important to give others space but not neglect. I am excited for 2020 – it will be a lovely year. Wishing you a wonderful 2020 and that you achieve all your goals x x

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      1. This is such a sweet story, did you come up with it? I still have tears rolling down, as i type this message. Thank you for the share. I am going to reblog this on my page, if that is ok with you. A lovely feeling that you have given me, just before this year could end, i hope i pass on this feeling to many and u some day 🙂


      2. Completely agree with your lovely feelings dear Durga. Please do share it on your blog so that many people can read a story of love and kindness. Happy New year to you and your family. Love and light to you.😊😊😊😊😊😊


  3. Awww… that’s such a sweet story Kamal !
    You have an amazing quality to give wonderful messages through simple incidents of life. No more complex language…it just touches the heart ❤️🤗
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year Kamal💕

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  4. I love this sweet, salty story, Kamal, this story of love and the lengths one will go to honor that love.

    The title caught my attention. When I was a school teacher many decades ago, i would carry a thermos of coffee to work with me. Once when my son was still an infant, I salted some water to make oatmeal and then there was an infant emergency and I was about to be late for work. So I used the water in the pan for my coffee, forgetting about the salt. So there I am in front of my homeroom class calling role or something and I took a sip of the coffee, made with salted water, and almost spit it out if it had not been for the 30 twelve-year olds looking at me. 🙂 I never made that mistake again! Your story is so much sweeter than mine. 🙂


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