Music in the Soul……….

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Music in the Soul

Can be heard softly like a whisper

As sweet carols and hymns

With a touch of joy and ringing of bells

As Christmas season of merriment

Has come to every doorstep.

Time to let go of discords

A Merry Christmas on pretty lips

Embracing love and gaiety

With family and friends

A flutter of warm hearts

Sitting cosily near the fireside

And every room being lit up

With Streamers and Christmas trees.

And not to miss our jolly good Santa

With his ever-faithful reindeers

Booming with jubilant “Ho, Ho, Ho”

Bringing a whole lot of goodies

For all the wonderful children.    

Hope these enchanting days

Will last forever and ever

Deep within everyone’s Soul……………….

91 thoughts on “Music in the Soul……….

      1. Yes yes because now we have to talk with him in English as by next year he will go to prep school and we speak our mother tongue too that is Gujarati so the poor child gets confused. Kate I will send u his picture on your email. He has become very cute. Yes we all love him and especially my mother in law who wants to see him every day.

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    1. Thanks 😊 😊😘😘 dear Robbie. Yes went out for dinner and every place is lit up with malls having these huge Christmas trees and such a beautiful day it was. Hope you too had a marvelous day. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Love and light..♥️♥️♥️♥️


  1. My dear Kamal,

    Thanks a lot for this great Xmas poem which you have described in
    living words. May this Xmas live in us permanently, not just during the Xmas days: to live and do for others, to help them not for own pride on it, but as a selfless service out of compassion and empathy for our fellow human beings.
    We shouls learn not to critisize others, but to find our own mistakes and remove them to lay a foundation stone of love and brotherhood, of a vibrating Christmas Heart that reaches every heart with sunshine and happiness.

    With warm regards and much love

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    1. Lovely and great message of love and kindness so well said, Didi. Thank you so much for giving these profound feedback. I completely agree with you. Christmas is the time of beautiful hearts reaching out to every heart with boundless bliss and sunshine. Thanks once again.

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