Deeper Rivers flow in Majestic Silence……….

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I had not seen my best friend for almost 30 years. When I saw him again, this time at a hotel lobby, he was looking very ordinary. He wore simple Ankara attire. I felt touched. He walked up to me and I was glad to see him again. But deep within me I was not impressed with his status compared to mine and poor me, I could not hide it. We exchanged contact details and I could see the joy in him as he collected mine.

I told him I will drop him home in my brand-new Range Rover and I pointed it out to him proudly. He declined and said he had already called for his car. It looked pretty old, a 2001 Honda Accord. I invited him the next day for lunch at my house. A part of me wanted to impress him and show off my success and affluence to him.

He drove to Parkview where I lived. He looked impressed with my home. I had taken a heavy mortgage. In fact, I was heavily in debt. We had lunch. He told me he was into small business and particularly real estate. I brought up more business discussions, but he did not sound too interested. I asked him how I could help him. He said he was fine. I even told him if he was interested, I could help him secure some loans. He looked at me and smiled.  He told me he would invite me over soon to his place. His old car came for him. I was grateful to God for what I had. “Fingers are not all equal”, I thought to myself. I was lucky. I worked in a good place.

Two weeks later, we went to see him in Ikeja, my wife and I. She was reluctant to come with me because she was not impressed with the man’s status. I was able to convince her that we were close friends in college. We saw the Estate.  It was named as ‘Wuraola Estate’. We asked for directions to his home. Those leading us spoke his name with respect.

It was a simple but lovely home. A 4-bedroom bungalow. I saw 4 cars parked in front. We entered his home. It was simply elegant with a touch of class inside. He welcomed us warmly.  Lunch was well served. His wife called him Baba Wuraola. During lunch, he asked about my Managing Director. He said they were friends. I saw a company gift on one of his tables nearby. That company owned about 38% shares where I worked. I enquired from him about it.  He smiled. He told me he owned the company. He also owned the estate.

I did not know when I called him Sir, I was in awe of him too. That day, I had learnt a lesson in humility. A big one. Appearances are deceptive. He noticed my discomfort.  Driving back home, I was very quiet. My wife was humbled and extremely calm. I then looked at myself thoroughly for the first time. Living on loans, heavy loans and showing off while someone who pays my salary is quite modest and living a simple life.  What if I was grateful for everything that was given to me and I would not judge people according to the clothes they wear or which vehicle they are using. Successful People always have Silence & Smile on their Lips.

69 thoughts on “Deeper Rivers flow in Majestic Silence……….

  1. Nothing is permanent in this life…money we should do is to be grateful and humble..and comparing ourselves to others is unsuccessful because we only know what appears to us..the real life of others is something known only by God..
    Great post Kamal..keep writing ⚘⚘

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  2. Great story! So much I would like to say. Alot may not make sense. I would say material things are not important, but I like material things. They are important but not at the same time. And it is important not to be atached to them. I even at times like impressing people, but I also like moving pass that and being humble. I guess I like the balance that came through in the story. It was beautiful conveyed alot. Peace and Blessings

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    1. Yes absolutely true, Meenakshi and who is anyone to judge us by what clothes we wear or what we own. This story showed us what humbleness was from such a rich man who was yet simple and successful. Thanks so much for your valuable feedback.


      1. I completely agree with you, Meenakshi and you know it is so nice to show these inspiring stories to our children, we all need to open their minds towards humbleness and kindness and gratefulness so that they will know what life is and how we all need to live in this life of goodness and not be at enmity with our fellowbeings. Thanks so much and you Meenakshi you must always show her the stories that I keep on my blog.


  3. I love this post, the message is a well needed welcome reminder about appearances, pride and arrogance. It seems like those with the least feel the most pressure to portray that they have more, even when drowning in debt…while those who have a lot don’t really feel as much pressure to prove anything. It’s very sad, and social media adds fuel to that pressure for many, even though much of it isn’t a reflection of real life. 🔆🙏💛

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  4. Thank you for the great story, my dear friend Kamal – In how many ways and directions we have got to learn humbleness – not to compare us in any way with others, with the motive to be better… Our mind islike a thousand headed cobra – once you have discovered where you make mistakes, you soon come to the conclusion: one head could not bite you anymore – and new heads are growing. Tis all is a kind of self analysis which can help us to understand all the ricks of our mind – however, this is a process that takes our whole life and pride, eager, anger, ego, attachment and so on, are getting finer and finder – so also our consciousness has to become finer and finer to fully understand the tricks of ou rmind. For this, life gives us lessons and when we make the best use of those lessions we can overcome more and more shortcomings in us. Pride can not only appear regarding materialstic things, but also on our knowledge that we have acquired, or a title etc. – it ends always in the fact that we want appreciation by others, that we want to be better than others, that we want to be amired by others etc… So it is important to become a real human being and not to be a puppet of our mind…. honesty against ourselves, spareless critism against our our own behaviour can contribute to it to have a good start to become a real human being…. but still there are huge mountains in front of us and still much is needed to reach this goal….

    Thank you very much, my dear friend Kamal 🙂
    All that is good for you and your family
    Love and light

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    1. Thank you so much for your insightful thoughts of humbleness and compassion, Didi. I agree totally with your words. Life is always there giving us inspiring lessons at every stage. It is how we r taking it. This story showed us how with lots of richness one can be simple and humble. Thanks once again. Love and light to you too dear.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  5. I agree with all the comments. We work so hard to put ourselves ahead of where we were when we were young, only to find we are not as far “ahead” as we thought. Beautiful story.


  6. Komal, another fabulous story. As the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover.

    Yesterday I saw an Instagram post, with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and it said not a Gucci belt insight… interesting!

    Great post as always

    Regards bella


      1. Welcome. I always think richness in character is the richness of life! And to judge on the person clothes, home, or our perception of thier money status is a reflection of our lack of understanding and humanity.

        Great post loved it


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