The Lonely Man of the Night………..

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He was a lonely man of the night

A seal of silence upon his lips

He was left lonely and sad

Had lost hope in everybody

Trust, he did not anyone

He was the deserted one

The one without a tomorrow

He was a lonely man of the night

A seal of silence upon his lips

A hundred stories left untold upon his lips

He left the unwelcome city

Without thinking about tomorrows

He was the passenger of the nights

With no baggage in sight

He was a lonely man of the night

A seal of silence upon his lips

Alone and lonely, bitter and infamous

No one seemed interested to talk to Him

He slept in the open streets or gutters

There was no soul ready to listen to Him

A hundred stories left untold upon his lips………….

76 thoughts on “The Lonely Man of the Night………..

  1. Great poem Kamal and beautifully written..a miserable man’s the modern man of the new age I think..materialism prevails..feelings are neglected..
    Keep giving πŸ‘πŸ‘βš˜

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      1. Yes Kate and I see them in Mumbai too. They have lovely souls and yes there r people who speak English too. What to do with selfishness rampant everywhere. Today it is so difficult to make ends meet and the poor r remaining more poor and the rich r turning more richer.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this poem, dear Kamala

    It expresses the loneliness with which many people in our society have to get along with. Often not those people who are loud and shouting, complaining, wanting attention with their unsatisfied attitude, but those who are silent, who have broken eyes and hearts, who do not see the daylight and rather remain in the darkness, under the protection of the nights. They should receive our compassion as well – but our mind often turns to those who raise their voice…
    Within the wrinkles of those poor people, forgotten people – we can indeed read stories of their lives that turned them into hopelessness and despair. Silence and narrow lips belong to their characteristics., hands that have lost courage…

    We should have ears to hear their silent calls for help…

    Hugs and love, my friend for giving attention to those lost people in our society

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    1. Yes completely agree with you and your profound words, Didi. Today we all humans are facing loneliness, no one is feeling safe and loved. There r very few who show compassion and kindness. Yes we can read their stories of grief and loneliness that is beyond realms. Have a great Sunday 😊😊 😊. Love and light to you dear.

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      1. Thanks, my dear friend πŸ™‚
        This, what really matters, is to take God with us wherever we are, to feel His nearness inside us – then we are really not alone and understand that He is in fact our best friend, father or brother or teacher who is always with us.
        Love and hugs to you, dear Kamal πŸ™‚


      1. All good and enjoying retired life, Bella. Lots of work and I have my me time also. No more sitting in Office and had put in 39 years of service. Go and visit my grandchild also who has become one year old and is a darling to be around. My poetry book is doing great sales with the blessings of God though here in India we have to be our own self publishers as everyone wants to make a quick buck and libraries are charging exhorbitant money for our own books. How are you hope all good with you.

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      2. yeah all good with me. We had a little holiday so feel a lot better. in Oct i lost my part time job, and so do many others lose their full time jobs due to restructuring. not sure what is in store for me now. but, lets see.


  3. Man lives among the crowd and is lonely. Sometimes this exclusion occurs at your own request, because addicted to alcohol and drugs does not want to stay in a shelter, where in turn you can not drink and take. The choice is up to people.

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