Learning to Be Grateful………

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The qualification that gave you a job, is the same qualification someone has who still does not have a job and is going from pillar to post.  BE GRATEFUL

The prayer that God answered for you and showered you with his grace, is the same prayer others have been praying but without success for years. BE GRATEFUL

The road you use safely on a daily basis to travel, is the same road where many others have lost their precious lives. BE GRATEFUL

The temple in which God blessed you, is the same temple other people too worship in, yet their lives are still in disharmony. BE GRATEFUL

The bed you used in the hospital when you were sick and you got healed and were discharged, is the same bed many other people breathed their last. BE GRATEFUL.

The rain that made your field produce good crops, is the same rain that devastated someone else’s field and left them shocked. BE GRATEFUL.

The rich man enjoyed his day with all his riches in his big luxurious house, and the poor man across the street lost all his belongings as he saw his old house crumbling. BE GRATEFUL.

Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your talent or your qualifications but it is just the ‘Grace of God’. HE is the giver and the sustainer of everything you have. BE GRATEFUL for everything you have. Wake up to a fresh new day with a heart full of love and thankfulness.……….

69 thoughts on “Learning to Be Grateful………

  1. ‘There for the grace of God go I’ is a term in uk we often use in relation to a person’s difficulties that the person using the phrase has never encountered e.g alcoholism, drug dependency & homelessness. Thank you Kamal ❤️😇

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