Do Not Fear……….

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Do not fear

For a single moment

A “Wrong” Path

For my Dearest Soul

There is no “Right” Road

There is no “Wrong” Road

Every Road that you see

In all its brilliant essence

Will lead you Somewhere

A road full of energetic passion

Where every hour is a joyful song

Love is echoing far and wide

And worries are thrown over the clouds

Wild breeze whistling in the leaves

A cheerful caress upon your lips

And a chorus sung in all her sweetness

By a group of birds flying high

Silence soaking the panoramic beauty

And Every path will teach you

Something about Yourself

You simply follow the Way

My Dearest Soul

Like a Brave Warrior……………………

70 thoughts on “Do Not Fear……….

    1. Thank you so much for your valuable words my dear Zaza and the same thing I felt when I was writing the verses. To not fear anything at all. U know I am hearing a beautiful song on our beloved Meher Baba sung by one of the singers on Silently He walks besides You. I will make it into a nice poem. U too can write a beautiful haiku Zaza.

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  1. My dear Kamal,

    We have the path of our mind and the path of our soul. Mind always wants to fix our attention into the world (what we are aware with out outward-going senses) – because of this mind we are already many many yugas bound in this world, because of our wishes and reactions (of our thoughts, words and deeds) – the difference between both is: mind keeps us here like prisoners where we face joy and sorrow coming from the same coin, like a life of a roller coaster with all its ups and downs – mind is also our ego, it is maya and illusion, it is separating us from the whole – in reality we are One ( not many, only when we see each drop of the Ocean as individual drop, then we experience also separation – it is just like a dream in which we are caputered. When we awake from our dream, we know it was a dream, but now we think that this is our reality – this is another dream, only one level higher – we can only awake when we live as a Whole, see everything as a Whole, understand everything as a whole – otherwise we go lost in this dream which we call reality. When we are already so many many yugas in this world, then our path which we took seems not the right one, otherwise we would have awoken already, given up our own ego and personality – as there is only One, who is never separated from Himself. The other path is the path of our soul, the yearning for Oneness and the One, when we rise above our own body-consciousness, an experience which is given by a competent Master, then we see with our inner Eye that the outer world is only a reflection of the inner world, like a shadow – Once I wrote in this connection: The shadow thinks it is moving, but it is the light that is moving the shadow. What we really need is right understanding, to really differentiate what is what – when we are ready for this, ready for what us all competent Masters taught us, Christ, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Hazif, Maulana Rumi etc. and when we practically live up to their teaching which is one and the same, in disciplin and humbleness, we will open such doors, and walk along such pathes the Holy people, have shown us with their own lives, to enter inner realms of pure consciousness – but we humans often are filled with doubts (due to our mind) that it is hard for us to decide what we really want (we want to put one leg on the world with all its pleasures and one leg put on the higer values of life, the path of the soul – in both we cannot stay. Our hearts must become very pure to enter the kingdom of God – with great honesty towards ourselves, not to spare us, we can reach this goal…

    Thank you very much, dear Kamal and all that is good for you
    Love and light to you

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    1. Thank you so much dear Didi for these profound and inspiring words of truth and reality. I agree totally with them. This world of illusion has taken away man from his real path and to know our true way we have to walk with the holy people and surrender to what they have shown us to follow the true Divine path. Thanks 😊😊😊😊 Love and light to you dear.

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