Walnuts & Pumpkins………

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A hard-working farmer who toiled from morning at his small farm under the rays of the sun, in the afternoons took advantage of the shade of a walnut tree to rest for a few moments. As he relaxed, he looked at his pumpkin vines and said to himself, “How strange it is that God puts such big heavy pumpkins on a frail vine that has so little strength it has to trail on the ground!”  Then, looking up into the green branches of the tree above him, he added, “How strange it is that God puts small walnuts on such a big tree with branches so strong they can hold a man!”

A cool breeze swept by, shaking loose a walnut from the tree, which fell directly on the tired farmer’s head. The tired farmer wondered no more as he rubbed his head. This time he said, “It’s a good thing there wasn’t a pumpkin up there instead of a walnut. Sometimes I’ve wondered why God does certain things the way He does. “Wouldn’t it be better if You did it this way, God?” I’ve thought more than a few times.

As time passed, though, I began to recognize that God makes no mistakes. He knows what is best for each and every one in Creation.  I’ve also begun to realize that I can trust Him, even if I don’t understand everything He does. He knows exactly where to put the pumpkins as well as the walnuts. We need to simply know that God has us in the palm of His Hand. He is with us and will see us through no matter what.

67 thoughts on “Walnuts & Pumpkins………

  1. The Will of God is unfathomable – the drop sometimes tries to understand the Ocean, but this is not possible as we are just a tiny fragment of the whole. Our intellect is too weak to understand the whole – then we can discover that all has its right place and its right time – why things are so as they are is because everything is in God’s hand. Often we are arrogant and proud of our knowledge, but this knowledge is as tiny as a grain of sand – this all shows us that we have to develope humbleness and understand the fact that we cannot understand everything. Mind and intellect often work together but they do not get the right picture of the whole as they are not the whole – only in a spiritual way it is possible to attain an inner knowledge (not book knowledge) that brings us forward on our way and this way leads us also to surrender to God out of humbleness, out of respect, out of love. There is no race and contest between us and the One, the Whole – when learning this lesson we are on our way to develop humbleness and become a real human being, instead of being the slave of our mind/ego and intellect.

    Thanks for sharing this nice story, my dear friend Kamal 🙂
    Hugs and love to you

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    1. I am so grateful 🙏🙏 🙏🙏 for your valuable feedback and u r so write. Words of wisdom and reality, Didi. We r all One and our egoic mind has to merge in this Oneness to realize who we really are. Thanks so much 😊😊 😊😊😊 😊. Hugs to you too dear friend.

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    2. I like how you say the drop can’t understand the ocean. It is true, God’s creation gives us so much food for thought, the design was wise, so harmonious. If sit to plan it ourself, we can’t as we are the drops and God is the Ocean.

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      1. Indeed, dear friend and so we must understand that our understanding is limited, our intellect is limited as we part of the huge Ocean – but often we behave as if we would know everything (due to our mind/ego).
        Thank you 🙂
        All the best

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      2. Yes we sure are the drops but that is what is the imagination that we are thinking of ourselves. In reality, Bella we are the Whole Ocean but we do not think so, we think we are bubbles and when each and every bubble of ours break than we realize we are actually the Drop in the Ocean and then the Drop swallows the whole Ocean. Thanks so much dear Bella and all is God and His beautiful creation and we all lodged in him.

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  2. So beautiful as always. When we look at nature, animals and Gods creation there is so much harmony. The pumpkin, the walnut, not just for us humans to eat, but to all the wonderful animals of this earth. The walnut has a hard shell to protect it when it falls on the hard ground. If the pumpkin fell from a height not only will it be a shock for the farmer, but the pumpkin will shatter into pieces. It is such an interesting creation isn’t it.

    A lovely story. You really write the best stories.


    1. Yes for sure, Bella and that is how God has made each and everything in his perfection in creation and He knows very well what he needs to be doing with all of us. Yes this story was so apt with God and his awesome Work. Thanks so much always and thank you for your valuable words. Love and Light to you.

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