Never Judge a Book by its Cover……….

The reunion of a school or college teaches us how people come with many layers and it sure teaches all of us why we should never judge a book by its cover. As we met our class a little poem came in some of our minds and it goes like this:

The heartthrob of our school,

Who every boy used to envy

Is a man grim and somber looking?

That lanky little girl,

Awkward and a weakling

Is now a weightlifter.

The topper of our class,

With big-rimmed spectacles

Is a happy homemaker.

The Back bencher of the lot,

Who never liked to study

Is an outstanding Entrepreneur

The flamboyant fashionista,

Who strutted with her high heals

Became a dreaded lawyer.

Often ignored average, Joe,

Who was hardly liked by anyone

Turned out to be a well-known writer.

The one who failed in math’s paper,

And could not understand his tables

Is a renowned fashion designer?

And one who often got to stand

Outside the class the whole day,

Is a respected Army Officer?

This is how life turns out for each and every one. We all had a good time and from that day onward, we all stopped judging our fellow-beings. Instead we learnt to enjoy life in all her beauty.

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