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Walking is the best Exercise. It has some great qualities:

Walk Away from arguments that lead you to nowhere but anger and stress you out for no rhyme or reason.

Walk Away from people who deliberately put you down and insult you or throw words of hatred at you. They will never understand your feelings.

Walk Away from the practice of pleasing people who choose to never see your worth. You have not come here to please each and everyone. Learn how to say ‘No’ otherwise they will sap you of all your energies.

Walk Away from any thought that undermines your peace of mind. Do not fall into a trap of arguments and unnecessary fights and tiffs, it will drain you completely.

Walk Away from judgmental people, they do not know the struggle you are facing and what you have been through. They only know how to sneer at you and put you down whenever possible.

Walk Away from your mistakes and fears, they do not determine your fate. We all make mistakes in life. Do not ponder over it. Let Go and be happy.

The more you Walk Away from things that poison your soul, the happier your life would be. Gift yourself A Walk Towards Happiness. All know the Way, but few actually Walk It.

96 thoughts on “Walking……….

    1. Thanks so much for these wonderful words and Jen and I am a woman. In our country both men and women share the same name. Pl. do not feel bad about it. I am so thankful to you for reblogging this truthful message of Walking away from negatives and simply Walking towards Happiness. Have a lovely day. This surely is the truth and nothing less.

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      1. No worries. I easily changed my boo boo. Plus, I added another β€˜she’ to my part of the post. Plus plus, I learned something I’m now happy to know. ☺️


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