Sword of Love………….

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My Dear Soul!

If only you would love to let, go

Of your unwanted fears and anxieties

Pulling you to the depths of despair

Cutting you like a Sword in half

And You, My poor ravaged Soul

Am feeling so sad seeing you like this

Left bleeding and dying on the floor

Edge this Egoist madness

Out of the window, this very moment

Life is so short My Dear Soul!

To cry and writhe in despair

Clothe yourself entirely

In my Sword of Love

Welcome gentle steps of ecstasy

As little rhythms of shyness

Fight your own battles with the heart of a Lion

Holding only the Sword of Love

And the valor in your eyes

Let our Dear God enter your core

Love would heal the Sword’s fury

For that I am pretty sure

My Dear Soul!

Thank you my lovely friend, Zaza from scribeforlove blog for always inspiring me with her Haikus and awesome Titles.

64 thoughts on “Sword of Love………….

  1. My dear friend Kamal πŸ™‚

    Beautiful words in a dialogue with your soul – the sword of our mind separates, cuts one into two, but the sword of love unites and merges two into one.

    Indeed, our soul is under control of the mind – the mind tells where to go, where to have our attention, what pleasures we are after and so on – but it is our soul that gives this power and energy to our mind – we (as souls) should learn to control our mind then the mind will be a good servant – now our mind is a bad master…

    Thank you, my dear friend and have a happy time.
    Much love and light to you

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