Amusing facts of Life………..

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Life is a wonderful preposition, but the first 100 years are the toughest. The person who knows what really life is all about, only he will stand the test of time.

Man comes into this world without his consent and leaves it against his will even if he does not want to depart at any age.

In infancy he is an angel; in boyhood as he becomes mischievous he is a devil, in manhood he is a fool. If he has a wife and family, he is an easy target.

If he has brains he is considered too smart for his little boots. If he goes to temple, or church, or mosque etc., he is a hypocrite and if he stays away from all these religious places he is a sinful man.

If he gives to charity or does a good deed, it is for advertisement and to show off how much benevolent he can be and if he does not, he is labelled as stingy and mean and everyone calls him names.

When he comes into this world of ours everybody wants to kiss him, hug him, cuddle him and everyone wants to have a share of him but as he grows into an adult every single person wants to kick him. He becomes impossible to live.

If he dies young, they say there was a great future before him, if he lives till a ripe old age everyone hopes he has made a β€˜Will’ and when will he depart because he has become a real whiner and sometimes a burden on others.

It is therefore impossible to please everyone, so do your duty FEARLESSLY and lead a HEALTHY & WONDERFUL LIFE. Let yourself flow like a leaf in the stream of life, carried by the current of LOVE. God has a perfect timing for each and every single one on this Planet; never early; never late. It takes a little patience and faith, but its worth the wait.

43 thoughts on “Amusing facts of Life………..

  1. People have expectations, and we face love and hatred both simultaneously. Yes, it is impossible to please everyone, but in this journey of life if we keep on learning a few lessons, we can live on our own conditions!!

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    1. Thanks dear Jonathan always for your valuable feedback. Blessings to you always. Jonathan u know I published my poetry book in India and with the blessings of my beloved Meher Baba I could do a good sale. Thanks dear 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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      1. That is so beautiful. Am so glad for you. With Meher Baba’s blessings nothing can go wrong πŸ™
        Thank you so much for keep encouraging me Kamal.


  2. Indeed, life is our teacher and we have to learn our lessons, the purpose, why we are here, to learn our task – not just to build houses on sand ( but to build a strong fortress where no time can steal or destroy it) – Our fundament should be the knowledge of ourselves: who we really are, why we came here, where we have to go – in doing so we can solve the riddle of life and death – when we fully forget ourselves and see us as administrators of the life given to us – not as our own (where ego has its domain) – but a life given by God as a gift, to be a part of Him and not of ourselves (ego/mind) – then we also learn that service to man is service to our soul, is service to God. The more we develope it, the less ego and mind are working in us. To find ourselves when losing ourselves…

    Thank you, my dear friend Kamal
    Hugs and love to you


    1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your valuable and inspiring take on the facts of Life, Didi. We have to learn to unlearn and then surrender and move forward to the real path of the soul. Thanks for your valuable words. Much love and hugs to you too 😊😊😊😊😊❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

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      1. yes, my friend, we have to detach us from many attachments and habits and even to detach from ourselves to surrender to the Ocean of Life, Oneness in Whole.

        From ❀️ to ❀️


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