Life’s Mysteries………

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‘Hey beautiful life

Be gentle on yourself’

Do not be harsh

Like the blasting winds

That hurt us no end

Release the morass of mistakes

Flounder not in regrets

No stranger are you among us

‘Hey beautiful life

Be gentle on yourself’

Caress your tender leaves

That quiver in the sun’s glory

Unfurl your beauty as fragrances

Let our hearts sing love’s pleasure

Your mysteries are unfathomable

It is way beyond our reach

‘Hey beautiful Life

Be gentle on yourself’

The noontide is upon us

Take a moment of rest upon the wind

Sing sweetly in your gentle voice

Stretch your hands to gather us

Let your bending in the Mysterious hand

Be for happiness and joy…………..

Thank you so much my beautiful friend Zaza from who always encourages me to extend her wonderful Haikus into a poem.

75 thoughts on “Life’s Mysteries………

      1. Haha! Yes, many of them are vanished and caught in the trap of “Corporate/married life” but I am glad we’re still not one of them.

        By the grace of God, Mumbai is treating me good. Job is still the same and I an enjoying the life.


  1. This is so wonderfully encouraging, Kamal, and just what I needed this morning! Wow, the Lord is gracious enough to bring me such beautiful words of yours. Thank you and much love and peace to you!


    1. Welcome dear Jonathan for your kind words and u know I feel so happy to receive these comments from u dear friend. I so agree with you, the lord is ever vigilant and knowing what u really want from life. Be happy and cheerful at all times

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    1. Thanks dear Kate for your kind words and whenever Zaza keeps these lovely posts on her blog all of a sudden verses seem to come out from my side and then I make it into a poem. You also put up nice picture challenges but somehow not being able to frame anything. Have a lovely day dear Kate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you too Kamal … if prompts don’t inspire you from the heart like Zaza’s then no point in doing, I totally understand 🙂


  2. Lovely extension of haiku! I like it very much, Kamal, so beautiful, fresh, eloquent and profound. A chant to what the mystery of life should be about. The repetition of the verses ‘Hey beautiful Life/ Be gentle on yourself’ gives your poem more strength. In general, all the images are marvelous. Great work!


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