A Beautiful Brunette……..

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A beautiful brunette

As slippery as an eel

Svelte and a perfect ten

Short hair with a fringe

She oozed passion

Showed off her oomph

Walked in her high pencil heels

And short mini skirts

In all her glitters and gold

Strolling the promenade

With her Louis Viton and Gucci

And a poodle by her side

An envy of the ladies

Who sniggered at her shamefully

But a darling for the men

Who swooned like little puppies

Wanting her ever more

Love was not in her dictionary

Ignored her paramours out-and-out

She cared not for anyone

A beautiful brunette was she……………..


67 thoughts on “A Beautiful Brunette……..

  1. Oops, you have written it so well even it’s so different from your usual ones.
    I feel, we can’t judge beautiful Brunette on the basis of one poem.
    One person has so many layers.

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    1. Yes, yes of course dear Rupali everyone comes with so many layers. It was just wanted to write a little differently from my poems and who better than a brunette. Thanks so much for your lovely words. You seem to have put yourself in your dp, looking very nice Rupali.

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  2. They say it’s important to love yourself so some take that to heart and forget about others. Hair color are like mask, it doesn’t represent what’s underneath. A care free soul is what wanted to be and beauty is being free.
    Beautifully written my friend, like always your writing makes me smile.🌹

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  3. She was clearly playing a game with men where her outer beauty will fade one day. A beautifully written poem, Kamal, that should teach us all, women and men, to look beyond superficiality.

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  4. Hahahahaha I love this, my natural hair is brown but my hair gets lighter in the spring and summer I get blonde highlights from the sun naturally but I do like going to the salon to get blonde highlights . Yes us brunettes are beautiful women.❤️😍🥰☀️

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