His Hand is Bigger Than Yours………….

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A little boy and his father visited the country store in their little village for some purchases and groceries.  Upon leaving the store, the owner of the store very kindly offered the little boy some free assorted sweets that were kept in jars near the billing counter. ‘Come my dear, get a handful of sweets that you like, there are so many with their colourful wrappings.’ the owner said to the boy.

The boy was a little shy and just stood there looking up at his father not knowing what to do. The owner repeated to the boy, ‘Son get a handful of sweets its completely free, I am wanting to give them to you. Come grab some.’  Again the boy did not move, continuing to look up in the face of his father. 

Finally, the father reached into the candy jar and got a handful of sweets and gave it to his son.  He then said his thank you to the owner and as they walked back home, the father stopped and asked his son why he did not grab a handful of the free candy or sweets that he liked.  Why was he shy.  The boy with a beautiful big smile on his face looked into the face of his father and said, ‘BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YOUR HAND IS BIGGER THAN MINE.’

So, whatever your needs are for now, future or tomorrow, kindly place them in your FATHER’S HAND, because HIS HAND IS BIGGER THAN YOURS. HE KNOWS BEST. TRUST AND HAVE UTMOST FAITH IN HIM. HE WILL NEVER EVER FAIL YOU.  If we could all see the world through the eyes of our DIVINE FATHER, we would see the magic in everything.  Have a blessed time as you journey towards a great life. 

Live Simply, Love Unconditionally and Enjoy Life.

72 thoughts on “His Hand is Bigger Than Yours………….

  1. Lovely message, so beautifully written. However, for me it is very difficult to conceive God in a human form. I think we do it in our effort to understand the meaning of life and to reach God, a kind of entity that escapes our limited knowledge about the world and the creation. But perhaps God is male and female at the same time? Why is God more usually personified as a man than as a woman? It seems to have a direct relationship with a male dominated world.


    1. Thanks so much for these comments. We all have our perceptions, M, the way we are told from childhood or the religion we are born into. If you feel that God is not a human form so be it. Actually we are all One there is nothing like male and female for a Soul it is only in a body that we are defined as different. Feminine is a part of Male.

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