I AM From………..

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The place where there is only Love

There is no place to Hate

Nor Blame anyone or anybody

Cause all is Me

There is no one but Me

I am the Universe

The illusion, the Reality

When my EGOIC small ‘i’

That I am right now living

Where my Soul is stationed in

And my mind keeps on buzzing

Needless thoughts illogically

Will after infinities realize the Real ‘I’

Will I then merge with?

the Real ‘I AM’ from Eternity

Where in Reality, ‘I WAS,


Eternal, Formless, Love and Bliss……………

80 thoughts on “I AM From………..

    1. Thanks dear friend Amira always for your kind gestures and yes I totally agree with your words we r all from this Oneness always eternal, formless, love and bliss. There is nothing more. Welcome so much. Love and hugs to you.


  1. My dear Kamal

    A time may come in which we realize that the drop of water is not just the drop but the Ocean of love, life and light – a morphing process from the cocoon of our ego, mind to the butterfly of freedom, Oneness – so it is said: when we realize ourselves then we realize our Selves, who we really are – so first comes Self-realization then come God-realization – when we say then, I am God, then it is our Ego and mind that turns the I into God (from the level of the I), but if we say, its no longer me but Him, all Him and He, then it is God alone with our I having disappeared – a metamorphosis from I to God… (from the level of Oneness in Him)

    In Oneness and from heart to heart

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    1. Thanks dear Didi for these valuable feedback and I agree completely with your words. All is true and profound. Yes when we say we are God it is our egos talking cause we have no experience at all and it takes practice and ages to know our real state and from where have we come and we will always be eternal and formless. Thanks and In Oneness and love and hugs to you my dear friend.

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