A Letter to the Sun………


Dear Sun……….

If You may

Please go to Computer Settings

Kindly display Brightness and

Lower your Brightness

We are sweating like pigs

Temperatures are sky-rocketing

Please, it’s too hot to Handle You!

Sun’s Reply…….

I have not changed any settings

Please go to your settings and

Increase the number of trees

Reduce carbon emission levels

Reduce concrete jungles

Increase number of lakes

Use water wisely and carefully

Instead of bikes, cars

Use bicycles whenever possible

Or go walking it is the best exercise

The Sun further said…………

My dear children

Basically, You all need to Switch to

Human Mode’ from ‘Auto Mode’

Otherwise do not blame me

For the Global Warming

Simple as that…………..

110 thoughts on “A Letter to the Sun………

    1. Yes Deepika and I so agree with you, look what is happening in our Mumbai we are only cutting down trees in order to put urban jungles then why the temperatures rise. So correct and apt letter and what our sun replied. Thanks so much dear.


    1. Yes absolutely true, Brigid and here in our Mumbai it is God knows what are we doing but making a concrete jungle. I recd this from one of my friends and thought of writing on this major issue that is facing our Mother Earth. Thanks dear Brigid for these great words.

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  1. When we moved into this place it was so beautiful with natural boulders and landscape. Today we are surrounded by high rise concrete jungles, the temperature soaring by the day. Sad part is inspite of being aware of global warming, we are rampant in cutting down trees.

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    1. Yes Radhika and why and for what I too do not understand and here in Mumbai it has become a concrete jungle killing trees randomly for Mumbai metro and what not. Really sad and what to say but watch and wonder at our beautiful Mother Earth dying. Why these politicians do not understand God only knows.

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    1. Thanks Romilia. Romilia you know I saw the story of the Standford couple who were founders and the story is correct. You type in google Who were the pioneers of this university and it will tell you cause i saw in google.


    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, dear krishnapriya and yes now we must have human mode which is so wanted in our world today. Krishnapriya have you recd my comments on your latest post because after commenting i cant seem to be seeing my comments again. Do let me know. Sometimes the wordpress plays truant.

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      1. Oh no! WP swallowed them up – maybe they were too tasty and he is hungry for dinner — like me now. 🙂 Please don’t feel any pressure to write again. i know how valuable your time is. I appreciate your sweet presence and reading always! love, hugs and wish you a beautiful evening.

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  2. great post…just a brilliant but intelligent and truthful reply the sun has been given mankind for quite a long while now…
    some say there is no global warming because the globe has always been warmed be the sun… and although this is true, it’s also true that the sun doesn’t warm the globe unnecessarily, unchecked and without control as mankind has been doing…
    it must be noted that warming has been naturally essential for photosynthesis, and subsequently plant production to aid animal and human feeding… the truth is that global warming is actually “anthropogenic global warming”, not the natural global warming—sometimes I wonder why the 2 are mixed under the term “global warming” … natural global warming is necessary for survival of all life…on the other hand, although fossil fuel and coal are useful, they have been used to a point that they have caused both anthropogenic global warming and overall global warming to be excessive—just like man-made activities have led to excess plastic and solid waste littering/disposal in oceans and on land…mankind’s total burning of fossil fuels/coal has released excess amounts of greenhouses that are just over-heating the planet beyond nature’s natural optimum requirements for it.

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  3. Yes I absolutely agree totally with your words of truth and reality and our world is facing so many problems and major problems is water and killing randomly natural beauty and animals for a concrete jungle. Who knows where we r headed

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  4. What a great message for Humanity to wake up before is too late dear Kamal!
    We are facing the 6th biggest extinction of animals in our planet if we don’t stop the madness now… If we kill all life in our planet, we are the next ones to go!
    Thank you for the wake up call to sanity dear friend! ❤

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    1. Yes and I absolutely agree with your words, Amira and we are too going to be the next race of extinction if we just keep on destroying our nature and its animals like mad and then God help us and how will he too forgive us though there are some horrible people who are killing humans too like anything. Yes we all need to wake up and take action. Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Amira a quick question are you receiving my comments on your posts cause I am noticing that my comments seems to be going in spam folder. Do check and let me know. Thanks.

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  5. Fabulous. Whilst India is cooking, we only get a day or of sun and no where near as hot…

    Global warming… agree.

    But i am still thankful to the 3 days semi warm weather we got in the uk before we get cold again.

    Us humans have trashed the world.

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  6. No doubt the sun cant help us when we are not ready to help ourselves. We humans are an ignorant species for sure. unless we strive to make the world a better place to live in, we will have to face the wraths of time. 🙂

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    1. Yes I absolutely agree with your words, Harsh and we sure are an ignorant species, look at the beauty of God but we have not understood him and randomly go on killing anyone coming in our midst be it natural surroundings or animals or humans too. Yes dear we surely are facing his wrath. Thanks so much for these comments dear.


  7. Kamal, a very wise reply from the sun! So often we seem to be on automatic, not taking into account our behaviour on the planet! A great reminder and a brilliant format through the letters and I liked how the sun turned it back to us humans … isn’t it true we often seek others to change, when that power and necessity lies with ourselves!

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    1. Yes absolutely true and I agree totally with your great words, Annika our poor Sun too is telling us humans how we are destroying our environment but who is listening. We all have to take a positive leap and do something towards our mother earth. Thanks so much.

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