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My beautiful friend, Zaza from ‘Scribesforlove’ inspired me to write a Haiku or a Poem on this great word ‘SPEECHLESS’. Thank you Zaza for your encouragement. The poem reads:

Speechless, I stood motionless

And let the oceanic waves

Flow beneath my feet

Feeling the cool waters

Enjoying the ecstatic moment in bliss

Speechless, I stood watching

The flock of birds, flapping their wings

Flying high up in the blue skies

In groups of four or more

Forming a mystical symphony

Speechless, I stood gazing

At the tiny tots playing in the garden

In all their innocence, smiles of joy

Wished I was that child of delight

And joined them in their joyful laughter

Speechless, I stood in amazement

At the beauty that is me

A work of art created by my Father

Who had painted me in his perfection

Nothing more or Nothing less

Speechless, I stood in silence

In awe with the beautiful panorama

And thanked my Beloved profusely

For showering his Grace and Love

In his kindness on all Humanity…………………

95 thoughts on “Speechless………..

  1. Kamal, wonderfully uplifting poem that resonates deeply with me. So many of the situations leave me likewise speechless, just letting the essence of the moment flow within me, harbouring the feeling of absolute awe and precious nature of life itself! πŸ˜€

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  2. There are always ecstatic moments in life,may be hidden or away from our sights… you penned it well kamal.. how those moments make us speechless


  3. I am speechless after reading your beautiful poem, Kamal. Love the gorgeous imagery and its deep meaning, also spiritual and religious. It is only interesting to observe that you address God in the masculine form (his Grace, Love and kindness on Humanity). I cannot conceive God as entirely masculine or feminine. Perhaps it is both or perhaps we just need to humanise that entity because whatever there is escapes our knowledge.


    1. First of all a great Thank You for your wonderful words, Marta and as I always refer to our Father as the Masculine Gender and not the Feminine because the Feminine is the other part of the Lord who is always there with Him as his companion and the Lord is always in the Male form though this too is an illusion because according to him this is just a body that has masculine and feminine qualities but we have to go above that and come to a balance. He keeps on coming as the Avatar and He is always Male. Yes and All Him who is in Every living and non living things. His world and His creation are we. Though with our limited minds we require some image of His but after a point He has said we need not require His image also cause He is Omnipotent and Omnipresent everywhere.

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      1. But still, isn’t God overly masculinised by human beings? I think we have created heteropatriarchal societies since the ancient times when the main religious books were written like the Bible, the Quran, etc. They were written by men, not by women. There was no gender equality between women and men. I have no doubt that prophets like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahoma and all the others have existed. But where are the women prophets? We have perpetuated this discrimination and thus men are still the ones who are in power. Therefore it is not surprising that God is seen as a masculine entity and that ancient religious texts are still interpreted discriminating women. I am not for a matriarch either. I think no gender is superior to the other but, as I said, I cannot conceive God as overly masculine or overly feminine. Anyway, I simply intended to show my reflections. As for your poem, like everything you write, I can only say it is beautifully written. You are a very talented writter, Kamal. Keep crafting such beauty and truth with your words and have a lovely day! BTW, I want to thank you again for checking out my friend Mario’s blog. Like you, he is an excellent writer.


      2. Thank you dear Marta for your great observations and it is nice to be conversing on this topic also but everyone has their own ideas. He is not responding much to our posts also M. It becomes a great flow when we each comment and it becomes so meaningful to keep on writing. Mario is very good I read his posts regularly.

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      3. You are kindly welcome, Kamal. If Mario does not respond much to us is because he works too many hours and has no time left but for his writing a new chapter of his novel every week. It is not because he does not appreciate us. I am glad that you like his writing and that you read his posts regularly. Thank you again!


      4. Thanks M and he is a great writer and I too am getting inspired cause even I am writing a book of short stories and am right now making a small poetry book from all my poems that i post on WordPress so he is too good and thanks for introducing him to me as a blogger.

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      1. Thanks dear Kate actually i am going to publish these poems of mine in a short book and my son will be helping me in the design and it is going to be named Poet’s Touch. Lets see with the blessings of dear Meher Baba the book will come out so am working on that now Kate .

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