What taste do you leave in others’ Mouth’s……….

There was an old man who was admitted in a hospital. A young man was seen visiting him every day, and sits with him for more than one hour. He also helps the old man eat his food, and to take him for his shower.  Then he takes him walking in the garden for a stroll in the hospital compound. After that he brings him back to his room and helps him to lie down. He goes away after reassuring himself that the old man is doing well.

One day the nurse entered his room, to give him medicine and inspect his condition, and said to him: ‘May, the Lord be always gracious to your kind and caring son. Every day he visits you and shows great care towards you.’ The old man looked at her and closed his eyes and said to her: ‘I wish it was one of my children. You see, he is an orphan from the neighbourhood where we live. I met him one day when he was a small boy of 10 years crying at the door of a Mosque, after his father had died. I comforted and consoled him and bought for him a ‘CANDY’.

I neither saw him nor talked to him for a very long time. When he grew up and came to discover where my wife and I were living, he started visiting us every day to inspect our conditions. When I later felt sick, he took my old wife to his home. He then comes to the hospital to see if I am getting proper treatment every day.

One day I asked him: ‘My son why do you have to deal with us and care about us? Who are we to you. We are total strangers.’ He simply smiled and then said in a gentle tone: ‘THE TASTE OF THE CANDY IS STILL IN MY MOUTH.’

One needs to plant their actions well, if you do, even if it is not on your place, God will not Forget the beautiful deed wherever you have planted it. A beautiful deed will only be harvested by those who planted it, no matter how long it takes.

Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.

Live Simply, Love Deeply and Enjoy Life.

90 thoughts on “What taste do you leave in others’ Mouth’s……….

  1. Lovely share Kamal. Sometimes it’s not necessary the close relationship remembers the taste of sweet candy. Often now days seeing where money being the root cause of relationships getting apart, there are few unknown people who understand the goodness done by others.

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  2. What a sweeeeet and beautiful story Kamal! Feels like candy in the mouths of all of us – your readers! Thank you for being such an beautiful light of goodness and love in all your write and share. Feel blessed to read this and connect with you. Thank you. 💛

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    1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your words. This story was truly touching and beautiful. Just a candy did the trick and so nicely he took care of them. Hats off to that boy. Thanks so much dear Krishnapriya for these wonderful words. Love and hugs to you dear.

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      1. Is this a true story Kamal? Even if not, it is superb!!! i think sometimes what we feel is a just a little gesture is a huge blessing to someone else – we don’t know and can’t understand….God organizes our lives and this universe in the best and most beautiful way and we are soooo blessed. 🙂


      2. True story or not what does it matter the fact that these stories are eye openers for each and everyone and for sure God organizes our lives our universe and everything cause He is the Only One playing the Game in Creation. He the Creation, He in all of us and He everywhere. He surely organizes our lives in his most beautiful ways showering us with his Love and Kindness. Thanks so much dear Krishnapriya for your wonderful comments and so nice to be having this great conversation. Love and hugs to you dear.

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  3. Great story, my dear Kamal 🙂
    From this story, we can learn that everything has reactions: positive and negative. Once a positive stone is thrown into the pond, the ripples go on and on and stay in our memories (and opposite likewise). Everything that comes to us is an impact, a ripple of the past…
    Thank you very much, dear friend 🙂
    Have a great day and many hugs

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    1. Yes dear friend Didi I so agree with your words of inspiration and everything comes back whether positive or negative. It is how we see that makes a huge impact. Kindness in that boy was so profound and he did everything out of his love and selflessness. Thanks so much dear. Love and hugs to you and have a great day dear friend.

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