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Until the grapes are crushed

There is no wine to drink

Until the flowers are crushed

There are no perfumed fragrances

Until the gold goes through fire

There is no jewelry carved beautifully

Until we do not go through our suffering

There is no pleasure awaiting us

Until the clouds do not thunder

There is no rain falling anywhere

Until the hate does not stop

There is no love found anywhere

Until the anger does not subside

There is no peace at all

So during those grinding times, know that the road of your life is under construction.  There are seemingly more pebbles, muck, stones and debris that surrounds us.  But Unless and Until we hold on to divinity with the deep conviction that the Master is planning that smooth freeway to take us to higher destinations in great speed, then the journey through the process of this construction will be that of courage, learning, expanding and ascending. 

Being able to laugh heartily and smile genuinely are simple blessings. Hold on to them. They are precious gems, don’t ever take them for granted. Our very existence depends on how happily one embraces each moment.

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  1. Inspirational words which are needed more than ever. And how true to treasure the simpler gems in our lives such as smiles and laughter … such blessings indeed.

    Just to let you know for some reason the image is not visible to me …

    A beautiful weekend to you, Kamal, filled with joy and love.

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  2. I truly appreciate and agree with your concluding 3 lines of your post. A genuine smile and laughter are the true treasures of our life, the joy of our existence. The poem is so meaningful and beautiful. “Under construction” have been my favorite words of describing some personal trying times of life, it helped to look forward to what was getting built in the process and it sure shines brighter than ever before.

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  3. Beautiful poem Kamal and I trust I will never lose the ability to laugh heartily and retain my genuine smile. Both these abilities helped my parents work through hard times and fortunately they passed on these abilities to my brother and myself. 🙂


      1. Yes, my beautiful Kamal — beautiful inside and outside! It was a great, great, great pleasure to go there and enjoy your answers and pics. Thanks so, so, so much for taking me with you on this beautiful journey! 💕


      2. Welcome dear friend for your kind wishes and words, Krishnapriya. It is so nice to be with our Lord and Master together on his journey where he through us wants the whole race to be loving and kind and caring. This is my small family with our sweet golden retriever and my grandson.

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  4. Beautiful inspirational words of wisdom dear Kamal! A poem to truly makes us think!!!
    We should never take for granted precious moments, because each one is a gift, that’s why they call it the “present”. Sending love and light your way, Amira ❤


    1. Thanks so much dear Amira for these wonderful comments. I agree with your words nothing in life needs to be taken for granted and there is nothing like past, future or tomorrow so why not cherish this present moment eternally. Love and Light to you too.


    1. Thanks Tanvir. Tanvir you know I did an interview on Meet the Bloggers site. Our beautiful Kate told me to do so and I have put few of my family pictures and mine too. Would love if you could give your beautiful comments and how did you find my interview. It would be great. Thanks.

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