Love Life…………..

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Life is a wonderful journey

Love life, it will love you back

A thousand times

Stay in touch with people

Who make you wild and crazy

Drop the fear like a ton of hot bricks

Face your past with boldness

Worry not, it has become a habit

Gaze inside, eyes provide insight

Heart provides the way to delight

Always look at the brighter side

Laugh till your stomach aches

Count your blessings, keep the faith ย 

Life is an unsolved mystery

Unravel it at your leisure

Go on a relaxed vacation

Call out silently, she will hear you

Love Her immensely, she will fall at your feet

Trust me, life is simply a joke……….

63 thoughts on “Love Life…………..

  1. Not only facing the history of our lives as perplexing mystery, but also as a bit of a comedy at which we can (and should) laugh is surely an important element to thriving rather than simply surviving. Wonderful thoughts captured in a wonderful poem, dear Kamal! Thank you, and blessings to you!

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    1. Yes dear Jonathan I completely agree with your words. Yes our life is surely a comedy and all this happiness and sadness is brought about by us only. If we all loved the whole humanity as one of us this world would have been a wonderful place to live and all would be happy. Thanks so much. Blessings to you too have a great day.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful, Kamal! An eloquent vibrant chant to life and love. What keeps us often afraid to love? I have a great artist-writer friend, Mario Savioni (also a poet) who, like you, deals beautifully with the subjects of life, love and relationships, illusion and delusion, dream and reality. He often poses the question of sexual desire and love between people who are very different in age. I highly recommend you chapter 5 of Marioโ€™s novel. Besides, each chapter forms a complete short unit of meaning, which can be read and fully comprehended without having to read the other previous chapters. Here is the link:

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      1. You are very kindly welcome. I am sure you will like Mario’s story. It is a pity that such a talented writer as he is, like you, instead, gets such few likes, comments and general attention on his blog. Mario deserves much more attention than me. You and he are far better writers than myself.


      2. Precisely so, please, I beg, have a look at Mario’s work. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t have my blog and I wouldn’t have come across you either. That Mario’s work gets a bit more valued is more important to me than my own work.


      3. Yes I have gone through it but will read it properly and answer it properly he is a great writer and I liked his work. Will definitely follow him tomorrow. In India it is time for bed. So tomorrow first thing as soon as I get on my computer. Good night dear, Marta.

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