Ant & A Wealthy Man……….

One Sunday morning, a wealthy man sat in his balcony enjoying sunshine and his coffee, when a little ant caught his eye which was going from one side to the other side of the balcony carrying a big leaf several times more than its size.  The man watched it for more than an hour.  He saw that the ant faced many impediments during its journey, paused, took a diversion and then continued towards its so called destination.

At one point the tiny creature came across a crack in the floor.  It paused for a little while, analysed and then laid the huge leaf over the crack, walked over the leaf, picked the leaf on the other side then continued its journey.  The man was captivated by the cleverness of the ant, one of God’s tiniest creatures. The incident left the man in awe and forced him to contemplate over the miracle of Creation.  It showed the greatness of the Creator.  In front of his eyes there was this tiny creature of God, lacking in size yet equipped with a brain to analyse, reason, explore and overcome.  Along with all the capabilities, the man also noticed that this tiny creature shared some human shortcomings.

The man saw about an hour later the creature had reached its destination, a tiny hole in the floor which was an entrance to its underground dwelling.  And it was at this point that the ant’s shortcomings that it shared with the man was revealed.  How could the ant carry into the tiny hole the large leaf that it had managed to carefully bring to the destination? It simply could not.

So the tiny creature, after all the painstaking and hard work and exercising great skills, overcoming all the difficulties along the way, just left behind the large leaf and went home empty-handed.  The ant had not one second thought about the end before it began its challenging journey and in the end the large leaf was nothing more than a burden to it.  The creature had no option, but to leave it behind to reach its destination.  The man learned a great lesson that day.

Isn’t that the truth about our lives? We worry about our family, we worry about our job, how to earn more money, where we should live, must we have a 5 bedroom or 6-bedroom house, what kind of vehicle to buy, Mercedes or BMW or a Porsche, what kind of dresses to wear, all sorts of things, only to abandon all these things when we reach our final destination. We do not realize in our life’s journey that these are just burdens that we are carrying with utmost care and fear of losing them, only to find that at the end they are useless and we cannot take them with us.

The happiest people do not have the best of everything they just make   the best with everything they have. 

Stay Simple, Stay Loved and Stay Happy.

95 thoughts on “Ant & A Wealthy Man……….

    1. Yes absolutely true Radhika and we all know that but only want to grab and grab all illusory things that have no value. This story was so apt that poor ant the whole day it toiled but was not sad it just left the leaf. Thanks Radhika for your profound thoughts.

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      1. I have 2 or 3 draft saved to be posted.It’s just we have shifted to new place so now going to publish them till I get the internet connection started at home. Writing and formatting it I am comfortable in laptop.


  1. Thank you Kamal, the story about the ant and its struggle is endearing.
    I was sort of hoping the ant would go down the hole and invite everyone to
    a feast. 😊 .
    Seriously, I know what you mean and often we struggle so hard for the wrong
    thing, we mean well but are short sighted.
    Bless the little ant though.


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    1. Yes Miriam and I agree totally with your words. We as humans r not satisfied and our wants do not end. The ant though went through so much effort but finally could not do anything and left without worrying at all. This is what we have to learn from them. Thanks dear for your valuable feedback.

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  2. Excellent story Kamal.
    You are right we worry about so many things. Yes we worry about our family but is that so bad when we worry about our parents or gandparents? Are they and their problems burden to us? How can a man attend moksha if he leaves a sick person alone?

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    1. Of course what u r saying is true, Rupali and we have to take care of them and do whatever best from our side but here the story is of wants and desires and that we r never satisfied. The ant left the leaf when it realized it could not do anything and went away. That is what we need to be instead of worrying and fretting all the time. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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  3. A wonderful story with a great lesson dear Kamal. It’s so true as it says :” We do not realize in our life’s journey that these are just burdens that we are carrying with utmost care and fear of losing them, only to find that at the end they are useless and we cannot take them with us.” Thank you for sharing the inspiration and wisdom of this story! ❤ Amira

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    1. Yes absolutely true Amira and all burdens which are to be dropped at the end. The ant totally opened the wealthy man’s eyes and so nicely it went about its work. When the leaf could not be taken it simply went away


    1. Great to hear that and that is what we all need to do and let our mother earth nourish all of us. Because of our wants and desires we have depleted her and ourselves too. We are not taking anything with us everything is temporary then why this mad rush. Thanks for your lovely feedback.

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  4. Dear friend if that man would have observed a little more he would have found more ants coming out of their dwelling and tearing the leaf into pieces and taking it to their home as food for their group members. Yet story is great.


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