Dear Stress…………

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Dear Stress….

Come Let’s break up

Our showy illusionary barriers

Let’s go fly a mystical kite

Spreading love in magical embraces

To skies that pour healing light

Dear Stress….

Let go of imaginary fears

Speak sweetly from your Soul

Every beautiful struggling Heart

Will dance with nectar’s of Joy

Welcoming ecstasy with open arms

Dear Stress….

Give up so called jealousies

Dive deeper in oceanic waves

Throw away worries as ripples’

Clothe yourself in pearls of peace

Propel the boat as my Guide

Dear Stress….

Let’s go for a reckless drive

Dancing to the beauty of who you are

Where the wind becomes music

Movement becomes an ethereal ballet

And smiles that turn to laughter and joy…………….

94 thoughts on “Dear Stress…………

  1. Just beautiful Kamal!
    I enjoyed your Cleverly Written Words of Inspiration to Detox stress, worry and other negative situations. Serve notice on stress, that I will rest in Joy, Laughter…


  2. So true dear Kamal! A beautiful poem to help us think and change our perspective “Come Let’s break up Our showy illusionary barriers”, let us change the way we perceive things, and let go of worries and stress, let us embrace joy and laughter instead! Beautifully inspiring words dear friend! ❤

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    1. Yes so true isn’t it Amira and wanted to tell dear stress to go take a chill pill while we are all resting in joy and happiness. Yes we need to break all this illusionary world that we are living in and taking unnecessary worries and stress. Thanks so much dear Amira for these wonderful feedback.


  3. Such a lyrical poem has taken my stress away. Thank you so much for this great sharing, Kamal. And thank you too, for checking out my friend Mario Savioni’s blog and commenting.


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