You never know what life has planned for You……….

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-When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone. I was left devastated and could not get my bearings back.

-When I was badly wanting security, I did not have a roof over me. I was left abandoned and lonely. I had to move on.

-When I wanted to end my life, I found a smiling friend. He or she very kindly and graciously gave me immense love and happiness.

-When I was sure of losing, I won. I felt on top of the world. Never knew I  had such great qualities.

-When I needed people the most, they left me. I did not know who to turn to but I loved being in myself and enjoy life to the fullest.

-When I learnt to dry my tears, I found a shoulder to cry on. Friends came by the dozens and showered me with joy and gaiety.

-When I mastered the skill of hating, someone started loving me from the core of the heart and we started a beautiful relationship that I will never forget. 

That’s LIFE!!  No matter what you plan, you never know what life has planned for you.  Often when we lose Hope and think this is the end, God smiles from above and says, ‘Relax, sweetheart; it’s just a bend, not the end…..!  Have a wonderful day. Be cheerful. Life is a circle, what goes around comes around either in this life or the next, so watch your steps, check what you are doing is right or wrong and most important of all, check are you hurting another soul or not. 


61 thoughts on “You never know what life has planned for You……….

  1. Absolutely well said Kamal. Somewhere or the other we all have gone through such cycle of surprises some good and some giving roller coaster ride. When ever I thought now I am settled with a bit relaxed mind, something new happened which changed all over the time zone of working. I some how have become habitual of living out side the ambit of comfort zone but grace of God all goes positive and everything is good in that roller coaster ride , as i am self satisfied and with grace of God have everything what one needs.
    Accept happily what come on your way.
    Well apprehended post.


    1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your words, Tanvir. Life itself is a roller coaster and taking and being with God really gives so much meaning to being positive and happy and whatever difficulty comes we can carry it through with his grace. This message gives us so much insight and pointers. Thanks so much for your great comments.

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  2. So extremely true! Your posts always reflect the harsh truths of life. It’s as if our time is never aligned with the universe’s time, but that just means we always have to prepare for the unexpected. Life works that way 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  3. I agree with all the comments and the great inspirational points of this post, and a great reminder always to also “right or wrong and most important of all, check are you hurting another soul or not. ” If we all lived by this point the world would really be a world of peace, love , freedom, respect & consideration for everyone! Thank you dear Kamal for the inspiration! ❤ Amira

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  4. The TRUTH spoken, Kamal, thank you for your inspirational words. I don’t know through how many circles I already went in this life time, I guess until I truly accept absolutely everything as it is given or even it is not given, I guess the latter is most important to accept. Have a great weekend


  5. Oh wow this is SOOOO true! When I look back on my life, and compare to where I am today, no way absolutely no way, would I have known where I would be today all those years ago. Life is a journey. The twists and turns sometimes leave you so confused and in so much pain you have no idea where to turn next. Yet, God knows and somehow all works out. LOVED this post! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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