Work Towards the Good of All…………….

Image result for images of a father and his elder son sitting in a train compartment watching the scenery outside

Hello my dear WordPress friends. I was off writing or sending any posts for the last two weeks. Was very busy in my personal life. Today I was having some free time so thought of posting a beautiful story which you will all enjoy thoroughly. Happy reading:

‘A 24-year old boy was looking out through a train’s window. All of a sudden out of sheer joy, he shouted, ‘Dad, dad, look, the trees are going behind; they are moving very fast’, his dad simply stared at him with so much joyfulness and smiled, ‘Yes my son.’ A young couple seated nearby looked at the 24-year old and thought to themselves, he’s so grown up but look at him, so childish, he must have a mental disorder for his father not to be bothered. Suddenly, the young man exclaimed in awe once again; ‘Dad, look, the clouds are running with us. I too want to go and catch and play with the clouds.’

The couple could not resist and said to the old man, ‘Sir, why don’t you take your son to a good doctor may be to a psychiatrist?’ The old man smiled and said to them, ‘I just did. We are just coming from a doctor but not a psychiatrist; we have just been discharged from the hospital. You see, My son was blind by birth. He just got his eyesight today for the very first time. He insisted me to take him for a ride in a train as he loved seeing the nature and its scenic beauty which he could not all these years. His behavior may seem stupid to you, but it’s more than a miracle to me. I as his father am feeling full of elation to see my son seeing the wonders of our world after so many years.’ The young couple just sat down there, dumbfounded, lost for words with a mixture of tears and shame in their eyes and apologized profoundly.

Everybody on earth has a story; don’t jump on to any conclusions or sit in judgement about anyone’s private life; you don’t know where they are coming from or what they have to deal with. The truth behind their story might surprise you. Take it easy with others, even if you have a perfect life. Let us keep working towards the good of all. Have faith and hope and with love all is overcome.’

Look Fab, Enjoy Life and Be Cheerful Always…………..



119 thoughts on “Work Towards the Good of All…………….

  1. Again you have shared a very beautiful story with depth and joy.
    May we never judge each other, why should we? Here was a wonder playing out.
    Even if the young man had a mental problem, the fact remains, he was happy.

    I loved his observations by the way. About the trees and the clouds.


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  2. Thought provoking story Kamal. We need to be patient with others.
    Even I have to confess, in the beginning I thought “24” was a typo. I decided to be patient and read further. All was crystal clear when I read whole story.


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