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Hello Beautiful Friends, this small imaginative story on ‘Thoughts’ and what I thought on it has been written by me. It is slightly big but thought-provoking. Happy reading:

‘Once at the crossroads on a road to Athena, a thoughtless-mind overflowing with non-stop thoughts, limited by his thinking-mind and a quiet thoughtful-mind, completely at peace with himself and his thoughts met after quite a long time. They looked at each other, shook hands and wondered where had they met one another. Anyways, they exchanged pleasantries as good friends.

‘Hey where are you going friend, I have not seen you from ages’, said the thoughtless-mind. ‘If it is okay with you, I would like to tell you a secret which I have not shared with anyone.’ ‘Yes of course please do’, said the thoughtful mind. A little sarcastically and being arrogant about himself and laughing at the top of his voice said, ‘I have been maddening the minds of human beings and plunging them in a life of illusion full of anger, hatred, selfishness and unending wants to no end. Their faces are always tuned in to the senseless pits of desire from where they simply cannot disentangle themselves and I am thoroughly enjoying myself a great deal. You must have perceived what is happening all around our planet and there is so much chaos and people are randomly killing each other.’

After much careful observation, to what his friend had to say the thoughtful-mind said in a calm-composed voice, ‘Yes I can surely understand this life of desires and wants, and they never seem to be ending but you know what pal, let me tell you, my own story.  I realized at a very late stage in my life that all these so called desires and unwanted expectations binds you more and more in this world of illusion. One day I left my home and I went in search of myself. My masks of self-centeredness that I had adorned age after age was suffocating me.  My little companion the small ‘i’ that is my ‘Shadow or Maya’ or whatever you may like to call it had stuck to me like a super glue and I could smell my burnt flesh eating me alive.  My egoist thoughts would not let me rest and kept on propelling my mind like little mosquitoes that keep on buzzing every minute not allowing me to think rationally at all.

Then after lifetimes of searching and being thrown as useless flotsam, the silent word happened on my trembling lips and life expressed to me in her sweet tone, ‘Let go of the past they are but memories, tomorrow has not yet come upon the mist and the future is simply a mystery where no one has ever gone or imagined. These are like feverish burdens hanging heavily upon the air. You are the stranger passing each and every day tirelessly by the gate of your own garden. Only the here and now matter which is always priceless and eternal. Everywhere you look there is only bliss and pure love.’

And as we were walking together, the thoughtless-mind pondered over what his friend had to say.  Thinking deeply on the situation, he said, ‘You know pal, what you are saying is true. Let me reflect upon these moments. There is so much truth in your sayings. Why must I exhaust the patience of human beings and make them slaves to their needs.  I would not mind to be in your company for one day and let my thoughtless-mind focus on what you are saying for a few hours.’

The thoughtful-mind was jubilant, ‘I am so happy that you have agreed to be with me and that you understood the seriousness of what is happening in our world where your selfishness is so widespread and desires are like chains of rust-iron that are so hard to break free.  There is so much disorder everywhere.  Let your mind relax and let us all live amicably in harmony and love with one another and enjoy the fruits of our well-being.’  

And as we marched along, people gazed at us with cynical eyes and whispered words among themselves, ‘Look, look who is going hand-in-hand with whose memoirs and weird melodies. Let us see how reasonable they are. Who will win over whom.’ They walked for hours and came upon a massive tree strong at its base and with its widespread branches of wisdom and knowledge. Many a sage or masters had sat under its guidance for years together and spent their youth and realized their true nature. The thoughtful-mind too had done the same thing and understood that beyond his troubled self, lived his infinite being, who was fathomless and eternal. Both the minds then sat under the tree.

The thoughtful-mind said, ‘Sit quietly besides me and simply concentrate on your breath. Let your thoughts come but do not pay attention to them and do not struggle with them. Simply let them flow like a river that quietly meanders its way into the ocean.’  Though at first the thoughtless-mind could not sit in a meditative posture and nor could he concentrate as it was not in his nature to be calm and relaxed, he was too nervous and his mind kept on wandering like little humming bees but he tried his utmost to sit motionless.  After a few hours he noticed as soon as he dropped his thinking cap and concentrated on his breathing, there was a feeling of stillness all around him.  He could actually keep his thoughts silent and a sense of quietness surrounded him. 

For the first time the rays of the sun kissed their bare face making them smile a million stars and their soul was inflamed with love. The masks and knots of  falseness and vacant dream that had gripped the thoughtless-mind soon disappeared. The thought of separateness completely dropped away from each other’s learnings. There was only peace and calmness that was all encompassing. Their souls had unveiled their hearts fragrance and only love and truth prevailed. The small egoist “i” and the real “I” merged in each other and they emerged as One Being. There was only Oneness in Unity.’


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  1. A beautiful story dear Kamal! Learning to tap into our higher consciousness, the battle of the ego which keeps us in a world of illusion and separateness, finally subsides when the Higher self merges in that Oneness consciousness, and all is Light, Peace, Love and Truth! Thank you for the inspiration dear friend! ❤


    1. Yes absolutely agree with your words Rupali and I hope these kind of reality was taught at a young age so that we would not be unnecessary fighting like crazy killing each other and for what. When there is only Oneness why r we feeling we r separate. Thanks so much for your superb words dear.

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    1. Oh am feeling so happy to hear these words from you dear Kate. You know I was thinking that maybe since this is my first story it would not be in good taste but I have received so many great reviews from so many bloggers. Thank you so much and I thank the Lord for all his beautiful thoughts of a Thoughtful Mind and a Thoughtless Mind.

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      1. Yes absolutely and it sure can but when the egoic i realized himself that he only was the Real I the Soul then there is no more on these thoughts. But I have written almost 15 to 20 stories. Will keep on posting time to time. Just a beautiful pasttime I have taken up. Thank you so much for your appreciating my work.

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      2. Thanks dear Kate and yes will surely post my stories as time permits. Just a little information I would like to share, my daughter delivered a baby boy on 22nd October and for that I was on leave from office and could not do anything but be the whole day with her. She had come to my house for a month so now I am a little relaxed and have resumed work too.

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      3. Thanks dear Kate and I am a Zoroastrian and we have these names given to a woman so I am a woman dear Kate and pl. do not worry it has happened with a lot of WordPress friends cause in our country a Hindu Boy is given this name. So I have become a grandmother. Yes all good dear they both are in the pink of health.

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      4. oh so nice to hear that … well I never, I did think it a male name so today I learn many things about you. Thanks so much for sharing .. now I am off to research Zoroastrian 🙂


      5. Yes yes for sure dear Kate and it is one of the oldest religions which was found in ancient Iran, Persia and our Prophet taught us Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds and we all go to Fire Temples where we pray to the Five elements of Earth and for us Fire is very sacred. We also believe in One God Theory just like Jesus and Mohammed.

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      6. how fascinating Kamal … the five elements are very powerful! I wrote something about them in 2005 when I wrote this series of poems I’m publishing now .. will see if I can find it.
        Can never understand why we persecute others for their beliefs, each to their own … it’s just so wrong! Diversity is vibrant …


      7. Yes absolutely and look at our world today Kate all fanatics fighting for their superiority and in the name of religion have not understood what brotherhood of man is when our Lord is only Love and keeps on harping only Love but we foolish humans do not give even a thought to Him.

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