Jokes on our Spouses……….

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Hello friends please do not take these jokes very seriously. They are simply fun loving between husbands and their wives: 

-A SMART HUSBAND: When Joe, a nice man married for over 50 years died, his wife, Myrtle was devastated. A couple of months later, Myrtle also died. Once in heaven, Myrtle anxiously looked for Joe. Suddenly, behind a cloud, she could clearly see him with another woman. She ran towards him, calling his name, ‘Joe, darling, Joe, I so missed you’. Joe said, ‘Hold your horse’s woman, and do not give me that ‘darling’ shit.  The deal was very clear. ‘Until death do us part.’

-Boss hangs a Poster in his Office: ‘I’M THE BOSS, DON’T FORGET AND REMAIN IN YOUR LIMITS.’ He returns from lunch and finds a slip on his desk: ‘Sir, Your Wife called, she was shouting expletives and said she wants her Poster back at HOME!!!!!

-When you are in love, wonders happen. You cannot do without each other and there is nothing but darling and sweetheart pouring forth. But once you get married, you wonder, what happened. Then only witch and devils pour all over the place.

-Philosophy of marriage: At the beginning, every wife treats her husband as GOD. Later, somehow don’t know why, alphabets get reversed after a couple of years of staying together.

-Secret formula for married couples: ‘Love One Another’ and if that does not work, bring the last word in the middle.

-Mr and Mrs. Mathews started dieting a week ago. Mrs. Mathew proposed that they should have a cheat day today. So while returning from the office in the evening, Mrs. Mathews brought home MacDonald’s Burger, KFC’s Chicken and Choco-Bar Ice-cream and Mr. Mathews brought home his Secretary. From the hospital bed, Mr. Mathews is wondering when men will ever begin to understand women.

-Lady patient to the Doctor inside his examination room, ‘Doctor can you please call my husband inside, I am not feeling comfortable.’ Doctor – ‘Trust me lady, I am a Doctor and I am a Gentleman. Lady patient: ‘No that’s not the issue. Your receptionist is alone outside and my husband is neither a doctor nor a gentleman. He is a SEAMAN.’

-Husbands are like WINE; they take a long time to mature.

Laugh and Be Merry and Let the Worries go out of the Window…………



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