Three Days Three Quotes Challenge……..

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I thank Scribe for Love, Truth and Peace for nominating me for The Three Days Three Quotes Challenge.  Dear Bloggers do visit her site. The name says it all. She writes one of the most motivating and inspiring Haiku’s from her heart and soul and her picture creations are so beautiful. She loves writing that creates personal expression of thoughts and she gets all her inspirations from God who she trusts implicitly. 

Gautama Buddha has written a very profound and meaningful quote: ‘LIKE A HONEY BEE’ where he compares the Life of a Man of Awareness to A Honey Bee.

He says: ‘The Buddhist Monk or a man of awareness lives in this world like a Bee. He goes from house to house asking for food, never asks from just one house because that may be too much of a burden for that family. So he asks from many houses, just a little bit from one house, a little bit from another, and he never goes to the same house again. He never mars the beauty of this world, he never destroys the perfume of this world, he lives silently, moves silently and asks only as much as is needed. He is a man of few words. His life is very simple and it is not complex.

His life is like a Honey Bee. The bee too goes from one flower to another and goes on moving from flower to flower, it is non-possessive, not attached to anything. It takes so little nectar from one flower that the beauty is not marred, the perfume is not destroyed. The flower never becomes aware of the bee, it comes so silently and goes so silently. The bee never gathers for tomorrow, today is enough unto itself.

In the same way the Man of Awareness lives in the here and now. He does not believe in the Past nor Future. He does not own anything nor has likes or dislikes. He simply moves in his silence and Today is enough for him just like the Honey Bee.


26 thoughts on “Three Days Three Quotes Challenge……..

    1. You know Tanveer I am reading a book on the Spiritual Path and I came across this awesome quote of Buddha and see the comparison that he is making. I too loved it. What an inspiration for all of us. Thanks so much dear for your lovely comments.

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      1. See if you can find it or read many books of Osho which he has translated on Gautama Buddha. I am reading right now The Alchemy of Zen, a fantastic book, Tanveer and with short stories that has so much to tell us on how to live our every day lives.

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