Life is Beautiful………………


If there is a sweet song

In your heart’s mist

Sing it with gaiety

With a group of birds


If there is unconditional love

In your dancing steps

Let it flow as winged breaths

Gracefully upon the warm earth


If there are boundless dreams

In your mind’s horizon

Go on a rollercoaster ride

And chase them upon the stars


If there are dazzling smiles

Spread them with friends

Speak lovingly like little dewdrops

And be merry and gay


Life is a beautiful journey

Do what makes’ you happy

Let go of things you do not want

And she will take you by her hand

Upon the mystical doors of bliss……………




99 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful………………

      1. Yes absolutely true and that is our thinking mind that does not allow us to think beyond all our nonsense. One requires a mighty push to relax and think on these lines that life is simply beautiful and it will take us where it wants to by our surrendering.

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  1. Thank you for the like on my page, Next Trip. It drew me to your site and we both have the same belief – true peace and happiness. Your site is much more zen than mine, but ultimate goal is the same. Looking forward to reviewing your site and all that 2018 brings all of us.

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