What is Life?


To understand life better in its true essence why do we have to go to these three locations which we can surely avoid to know what life is telling us in her own sweet words:

HOSPITAL: At the hospital you will understand that nothing is more beautiful than Health. Wish I had taken more care of myself and removed all unwanted essentials from my life that did not matter to me and lived peacefully. Sometimes, you have to eat your words, chew your ego, swallow your pride and accept that you are wrong. This day would have never come in my life.

PRISON: In the prison you will see that freedom is the most precious thing. I wish I had taken caution and not done acts that were immoral or dishonest.  My anger and greed had made me do acts that were totally disgraceful and I had behaved unlawfully. Life was trying to protect me on so many occasions but I did not listen to her. I did not understand what real freedom meant.

CEMETERY: At the cemetery you will realize that life is worth nothing. The ground that we walk today will be our roof tomorrow. This is the sad truth. Life has given us so many choices, opportunities and beautiful relations to nurture and love with care and compassion. We all come with nothing and we will go with nothing. Let us therefore remain humble and be thankful and grateful to God at all times for everything that comes our way.

Let us Rejoice Life, be brave, courageous and let go of things that you cannot change and begin our days with a Rainbow of Joy in our Hearts, Remove all clouds of doubts, Let the Sparkling Sun paint a Smile on your Face and Feel God’s gift in every single being. Let us Leave footprints of Love and Kindness wherever we go and Keep going forward because difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations and that is Life in its true Essence.


102 thoughts on “What is Life?

  1. What an awesome post Kamal ! The gist of life! You derived the importance of crucial things in life so beautifully by giving reference to hospital, prison and cemetery. This is so true. But t I guess human beings by nature learn by their own experience. There are very few who understand this truth in time. Great thoughts.

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  2. Hi Kamal,

    this is one wonderful post. I agree with you about everything.We can learn a lot about life in that places, and it is good to go there sometimes, to start with life.We should be ready for our ti lose our lives to lose at any moment,only then we will start to live without fear.

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    1. I so agree with your words of truth, Ben. For sure sometimes to awake we need to go to these places too so that we can then know what life is all about and what it is trying to show and take us where it wants to instead of us taking her where she does not want to go. Yes we need to live without worry and fear our whole life and rejoice. Have a great day, Ben.

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  3. Amen, great post Kamal! It touched my heart in so many ways. I can recall being in a hospital bed and having similar thoughts. Praying folks will read and take heed. With God, it’s never too late to change the path we are on. Christmas blessings 🙏🏻🎄

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    1. ok, that was odd! lol He was escorting some prisoners into a facility and they looked outside the fence to see someone hitch hiking in the rain or something like that. One prisoner commented ‘That poor guy.” Point of view….

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  4. Now it is my turn to thank you for this most excellent and heart moving post. Your gratitude and humbleness come loudly across. Love and Kindness are the Highest Road that leads to LIFE Eternal. Bless you for writing from your Heart, Kamal. Much Love. 💖

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    1. Thank you dear Amy for your excellent words and yes I totally agree with all that you have said. Life is like that but we have given it so much meaning that it has taken a back seat. Love and Kindness with a heart-full of blessings from God is all what there is and there is nothing but Love. Have a great and wonderful day dear.

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  5. These three places are inspirational.
    One has to visit them at least as a visitor, so one shall know what and why of life.
    Kamal you have selected the best 3 but in ordinary terms they are the worst 3, hahaha.
    Tumhari hoshiyari ko mein daat deta hoon ,

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    1. Hahaha true Shiva u got me in this post. Not a single person could catch the real meaning of these three places which will show us what life really is and make him humble and truly trust in God. Thanks so much for your brilliant words, Shiva.


  6. I never looked at life from this perspective before but it’s true. Being in the hospital or having a loved one in the hospital makes you take a closer look at your health. I can only imagine what the yearn for freedom must be like if one were in prison or in a cemetery. Good post🙂

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  7. “Let us Rejoice Life, be brave, courageous and let go of things that you cannot change and begin our days with a Rainbow of Joy in our Hearts,”

    YES YES YES YES YES! I also love when you said that the earth that we are walking in today will be our roof for tomorrow! That is brilliant!!!!!!

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