Drink Me A Cup……………..


Oh! Saki

I am in an endless thirst

Make me drink

From your divine cup

Whispered words of melody

Of the crimson shadow

Stealthily moving upon the horizon

Or make me drink senslessly

That I lose my sorrows

In the mist of your heart

For I can barely hear

The song in my dark moments

Nor see myself in sobriety

My gaze only sees you

In the depths of my soul  

Oh! Saki

Light my way, my hands are stretched

My mouth is parched, tempt me to a cup

Of your divine Wine………………..


63 thoughts on “Drink Me A Cup……………..

      1. Actually Saki represents the Lord, God and it is an Indian word but it so agreed with the poem that I did not want to disturb its meaning and the picture of the holy chalice was so apt. Thanks Madelyn, so time for bed or still a long time for you and Tink.

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      2. Yes absolutely and that is the secret of modern technology that we can be virtual friends. I am in my office and since my boss is not there today can be free and chat with you. Ya absolutely as if we are living next to each other. World has become so small instead of wide with all these technologies.

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  1. Well, what does Ԍ᧐d like?? Lee ɑdded.
    ?I imply, we like cookmieѕ and cartoons and toys, bᥙt what kind of issues
    аre enjoyavle for God?? It was a question that f᧐rr a minute
    Mommy and DaԀdʏ had to think about.


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