The Sword………….


Razor’s sharp edge

A satin finish, silently glides

Through glades of the wind.

Chivalrous and smooth

Can cut you to pieces

If you have not mastered

Its artistic brilliance.

In the hands of a novice

Simply a playful toy.

In the hands of a brave warrior

Chest as strong as iron

Hidden among his pinions

Woven deeply into his very soul.

Through accurate precision

Moving effortlessly across miles

Cutting rhythms of sharpness

Without a sound………………….


77 thoughts on “The Sword………….

  1. Excuse me, Kamal – that was lovely, but what was it really about? Am I allowed to ask this question about poetry? Maybe not, but I love to know what is in the mind of a creator. πŸ™‚
    Kindness – Robert.

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