The Guest House…..


A beautiful poem ‘The Guest House‘ by Rumi the greatest poet of his times:

This being Human

Is a Guest House

Every morning a New Arrival.


A joy, a depression, a meanness,

Some momentary awareness comes

As an unexpected visitor.


Welcome and entertain them all

Even if they are a crowd of sorrows

Who violently sweeps your house

Empty of its furniture

Still, treat each guest honorably

He may be clearing you out

For some new delight.


The dark thought, the shame, the malice

Meet them at the door laughing

And invite them all.


Be grateful for whoever comes

Because each has been sent

As a guide from beyond.


83 thoughts on “The Guest House…..

  1. Strong and dramatic poem. I love the setting of the ‘Guest House’ – so friendly and innocent looking. Filled by so many dark guests. They need a whirlwind of joy to sweep through.
    I am particularly taken with the two last stanzas.

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  2. I have a book of poems on a shelf at home.
    I should take it down and read it, yes?
    Rumi’s doing no good sat on that shelf.
    Thanks for sharing this, Kamal.
    You bring benefit to the world by doing so.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  3. Some momentary awareness comes
    As an unexpected visitor.
    A pack of wisdom, enlightenment and understanding.\
    Makes life easy, when we embrace each guest and value their entry, their reason to come and their effects onto us.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

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      1. They say, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever…”

        Well, a thing of remembrance, a word of regard, an expression of love and a masterpiece of intellect (like this poem) …… are the joys – forever.

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