A Wandering Monk………


He was a silent river

Going along the current

A constant movement

A rare flowering shrub

He was a song of the birds

A fusion of the purest gold

He was a wandering monk

Footloose and fancy free

Roots of the Wise Trees

Could not drag His pace

Though he was enlightened

He continued to be penniless

Nothing was special about Him

Veiled in a cloak of stillness

Laughter a flooded energy

His light stretched far and beyond

When He speaks His Silence blooms

Penetrating the Mystery of Words………..




67 thoughts on “A Wandering Monk………

  1. btw I have nominated your name in Liebster Award (well I know you are not a new blogger but I just love your poems as well as stories. They are really motivating with great teachings so I couldn’t resist myself from nominating you), please checkout my latest post. Waiting for your response and answers.
    Thankyou 🙂

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    1. Oh ya I know Lavanya and yes I know will definitely nominate myself and thanks so much once again for nominating me. Thanks for your kind words and yes it is so nice to keep on encouraging and inspiring bloggers as well even i get motivated too. Ya will definitely right now go and comment.


  2. Wandering for Him was a Time Pass
    For He was much ahead of Time and Space
    No Heaven would match His Thoughts and Joy
    Comes One; Once upon a time with Boundless Blessings on 🌎 Earth
    Kamal accept this one from Earth🌷

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    1. Yes absolutely true and that is a wandering monk who is not affected by anything but quietly moving on to his one destination to find himself in all this wonderful scenery that is life. Sure comes one in thousands to know his destination. Thanks for your beautiful words of perfection too, Shiva


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