Man O Man……..


Man O Man! Never can enjoy a contented life!

When without money, eats simple vegetables at home with family and is so satisfied and contented; when has money, eats the same vegetables in a fine-dining restaurant splurging on food that is not tasty.

When without money, rides a simple bicycle with joy and carefree approach; when has money rides the same ‘exercise machine’ at a heavy price to reduce his extra weight that is so uncomfortable.

When without money walks for days together with hard labor, to earn humble food for his family the whole day; when has sufficient money, walks to burn fat that has been accumulated all over his body.

Man O Man! Never fails to deceive thyself!

When without money, wishes to get married and live a happy life; when has money, wishes to get divorced as many times as he wants.

When without money, acts like a rich man; when has money acts like a poor man.

Man O Man! Never can tell the simple truth!

Says share market is bad, but keeps speculating; says money is evil, but keeps accumulating more and more.

Says high positions are lonely, but keeps wanting them more and more.

Says gambling and drinking is bad, but keeps indulging almost everyday.

Man O Man! Never means what he says and never says what he means.

If you are happy, you don’t need expensive make up and clothes! Your eyes tell the whole story! Difference is only in our thinking and behavior once we have everything and want to have more and more.  Desires have no staircase they keep on growing.  Life is so much easier and beautiful when we do not hoard things. Enjoy every moment of life in its simplicity.


73 thoughts on “Man O Man……..

  1. Oh my gosh.
    This whole post feels like it fits so well together! Every bit is so true! So relevat to society today!
    Great work, Kamal! 😀
    Way to go!
    I am honestly impressed!

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  2. I think glorying a poor life does not bring happiness. It hard to be happy when you don’t have money for food and have to depend on others. I do understand hoarding materials does not bring happiness either. Its about​ balance.

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  3. So true, this whole blog hit home on so many levels. The line that got me was When a person was poor, he acted rich and when a person was rich, he acted poor. That is so true because the more you aquire, it seems the more selfish some people become. I’ve learned that being happy isn’t getting whatever you want, but it’s wanting whatever you have…I love this, such wise words.

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  4. Amazingly penned.. so true man can never be contended..

    Kash Kuch aisa ho jaaye Mai raton raat Ameer ho jaun, khaane ko bhar peth mile, taro may Mai so jaun. Chamki ek raushani, chaundhiya gayi aankhe Meri. Khuli aankh dekha sab jagmaga ta Tha har kahi. Is chamakti duniya may khatka mujhko ek baat, apno ka sath aur Unka pyaar nahi tha mere aas paas.

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  5. Sad but true, Money is the source of all evil, Greed, Selfishness, miserable and complicated life it’s either, we control how we manage it or let it control our lives. I really love it can’t wait to share this with my friends :)) Thank you for sharing :))

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