Few Beautiful Awards…….

awardDear Wonderful Blogger Friends.  This is a great THANK YOU AWARD from me to all of you’ll who have nominated me for these amazing and wonderful awards like ONE LOVELY BLOGGER AWARD, SUNSHINE AWARD, VERSATILE AWARD, BLUE SKY AWARD, THE BLOGGER AWARD, GUARDIAN ANGEL AWARD, MYSTERY BLOG AWARD AND SO MANY MORE.

At this moment I have no words to say, I am feeling overwhelmed by the love and affection you all have shown towards my BOUNDLESS BLESSINGS BLOG.  Friends I thank each and every blogger and WordPress profusely for your love, guidance and support towards whatever I keep on posting and for taking my blog forward.  I just cannot express my love and gratitude to all in so few words. The best part of WordPress is that it has given millions of bloggers a great platform where one can showcase their work in so many different ways.

I thank so many of my bloggers from the bottom of my heart who have nominated me for these awards and please do keep on checking their blogs very often and also commenting on their beautiful work and posts. I am very much sure you will like what they are doing, so do not forget to visit their blogs.  There are almost 19 bloggers who have very kindly given me their nominations.  Their names are:

  1. Navvirk.
  2. Inspire Me.
  3. Thinkactblog.
  4. Namrata D. Prabhakar.
  5. Himanshi Shukla.
  6. Nima Roy.
  7. Alfaazonkiudaan.
  8. Tanvir Kaur.
  9. Thinkactblog.
  10. Multitudeofmythoughts.
  11. Soulfood101blog.
  12. Jirah Merizz.
  13. Kally Middleme.
  14. Fabwritings.
  15. KrisaroundtheKorner.
  16. RhapsodyBoheme.
  17. Doni W.
  18. Lori D Marcell Carlsen.
  19. Storyteller.

Boundless Blessings to all from the One who showers His Love and Light to one and all. Give happiness to others and keep on inspiring and Be Cheerful at all times.




89 thoughts on “Few Beautiful Awards…….

  1. Congrtzzz…n yeah m sory I culd not reply to ur comntz cz I just nw found dat ur comnt was tagged as spam..dnt know hw but I juss approved it rit nw..thanks fr praise

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