Seeing With a Difference……………


Simple Workers who teach us the meaning of Life, seeing with a difference and they help us to relearn what we have forgotten in our Journey called Life:

-An ELECTRICIAN, restores the current between people, who do not speak to each other anymore. His bulb of love penetrates into the essence of all beings bringing joy and happiness wherever his light takes him.

-An OPTICIAN, changes the outlook of the people. He releases the fragrance of inner seeing with new spectacles giving way to the old, for the guidance and benefit of others.

-An ARTIST, draws a smile on everyone’s face. He sketches lines with his superb flair, dips the brush with lots of patience and colors it with love and respect to produce a masterpiece.

-A CONSTRUCTION WORKER, to build a bridge between neighbors. He is there to cement hatred between people by lending a hand of friendship. Sharing and caring are the two milestones to peaceful living.

-A GARDENER, to cultivate Good Thoughts. He is here to dug up old weeds and old wounds, that are poisonous and water the new seed by letting the sunshine of positive thoughts beam on it.

-A PLUMBER, to clear the choked and blocked mindsets. He needs to thoroughly clean the outdated outlook towards life with opening new doorways of rays of optimistic light and change.

-A SCIENTIST, to rediscover compassion. He sure can with new gadgets at the tip of his fingers discover empathy, guiding people like a rainbow of comfort and strength.

-A TEACHER, for better communication with each other. He sure is like a pillar of strength for all of us to relearn how to count on each other, teaching  us the value of life and how to adjust yourself in every situation and learn to flow in your own way.



81 thoughts on “Seeing With a Difference……………

  1. Each profession has its own purpose but when these professions work together, it makes a beautiful society!!
    Loved how you defined them Di!
    P.S. I don’t know why your post didn’t show up in my reader.

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  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful post, all people bring us more than we sometimes realize, or in the way we see what they bring us, if that makes sense lol. I know this post was about trades but as I got to the end I thought God is and electrician, optician, artist, construction worker, gardener, scientist, plumber, and teacher :):) Blessing Kamal 🙂

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