Drinking from the Saucer……..


I came across a superb poem written by an awesome Poet, John Paul Moore on the Title ‘Drinking from the Saucer’ and it goes like this:

I’ve never made a fortune

And I’ll never make one now

But it really doesn’t matter

Cause I’m happy anyhow

As I go along my journey

I’m reaping better than I’ve sowed

I’m drinking from the saucer

Cause my cup has overflowed


He gives me strength and courage

When the way grows steep and rough

I’ll not ask for other blessings for

I’m already blessed enough

May we never be too busy

To help bear another’s load

Then we’ll all be drinking from the saucer

When our cups have overflowed


87 thoughts on “Drinking from the Saucer……..

    1. Yes absolutely Kalyan and I found this poem so heartful it was so simple yet so powerful where it told you how to share and live optimistic in life. Thanks dear for your lovely words. Kalyan did you get in touch with Akhila then cause I had told to do so.

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      1. When I read the title I remembered how my grandfather used to enjoy drinking tea in soccer.. n very true that was a life tough but simple in its own way. Enjoyed every bit of life whereas today people have facilities but have forgotten how to live a life…

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  1. I’m amazed at the lines the writer has beautifully written.when we have excess of something then we can share and help each other.The message and the words that rhyme with the current situation of the world is marvellous.
    What great thinking the writer has…he is one beautiful thinker
    Amazing …Ma’am.I loved it reading very much .♥

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